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Rumgr Review

Rumgr is a location-based mobile and web marketplace that lets you snap pictures of other people’s unwanted stuff. It has a private chat mode but doesn’t let you search by category. Because it focuses on physical goods, this App might not appeal to everyone. But if you have a small group of people who are engaged with your area, Rumgr might be a great tool to start using. But it isn’t without some flaws.

App is a mobile and web location-based marketplace that lets you snap images of other people’s unwanted stuff

If you’re tired of wasting your time browsing through the same old Craigslist ads, you can now post your own items for sale on Rumgr. The site’s location-based feature means you don’t even need to write a description or tag your items; all you have to do is snap a picture and list it for sale. The site will find buyers for your items and arrange for pick-up. You can also add a location to your listing, which allows you to track when people buy your stuff, and pick up yours within five minutes.

Selling apps allow you to find a buyer for any item, whether it’s a name-brand item or a second-hand item in perfect condition. Although these apps are especially useful for selling name-brand merchandise, just about any item in good condition can find a new home on a selling app. Use it for re-decorating, cleaning out a closet, finishing a semester at school, or simply clearing space.

If you have an iPhone, you can use Rumgr to sell the item. The web and mobile app allows you to list and sell items by location. You can choose to sell your stuff in your local area, or you can post your items in a group on Facebook. You can even contact the seller through email. If you like the item, you can send it to a potential buyer.

Rumgr is a mobile app that makes it easy to snap images of other people’s unwanted stuff. It uses a grid view of photo thumbnails so that buyers can search for it and chat with other buyers. Users can browse items by category, zip code, or by location. Whether you want to sell a laptop, bicycle, or car, the app allows you to post a picture of any unwanted object to be sold.

It has a private chat mode

Rumgr is a mobile and web location-based marketplace. Users can post pictures of unwanted stuff they want to sell, trade, or barter. To make selling and buying easier, users can use a private chat mode. A private chat popup will not be displayed when a private message is received. You can turn the feature on and off by tapping the appropriate button in the menu at the top of the screen.

It doesn’t allow users to search by category

Although Rumgr does not allow users to search by category, it is still a promising start. As a location-based marketplace, it allows users to list items and display them based on their location. Instead of searching for specific items, Rumgr focuses on finding hidden gems in your own neighborhood. All posts on Rumgr are geo-tagged, meaning potential buyers can see items for sale near them immediately.

It focuses on physical goods

Unlike the many online marketplaces that focus on digital products, Rumgr focuses on physical goods. It has launched as a beta version in late 2013, but has already attracted a small but loyal following in Las Vegas. The app lets buyers find garage sales in their area and sellers post ads in a matter of seconds. Although Rumgr doesn’t seem interested in brokering services, it may be the right fit for some people.

It has raised $500,000 in funding

Zappos alums are trying to recreate the garage sale experience on a mobile device with Rumgr, a new mobile app. Rumgr lets users search for items for sale in their area and engage with sellers through public chat or private messaging. The app is free, and it allows users to buy and sell items locally. The only catch is that Rumgr is not yet a reliable alternative to Craigslist.

For starters, Rumgr is a mobile marketplace for unwanted items. Instead of scouring through pages of ads, users can simply snap pictures of things they want to sell, trade, or barter. In addition to offering an easy way to sell and buy things, Rumgr has a dedicated mobile app. It is also compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. But Rumgr’s funding round has raised more than its fair share of doubters.

While many Las Vegas tech startups have raised less than $1 million, the company’s founders must still present a solid business plan and an executive team to gain investors. In Las Vegas, there are fewer local investors than in other parts of the country. Founders of Rumgr, which uses Google’s Maps and StreetView as an interface for customers, have raised $500,000 from investors including former Zappos executives. They also purchased a whiteboard from the former city hall in downtown Las Vegas.



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