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IPCOM NV Acquires Profisol AB

IPCOM NV, a Belgian-based group of insulation materials distributors, has acquired all the shares of Swedish wholesaler Profisol AB. Profisol AB is a leading supplier of technical insulation products in Sweden, with branches in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Vaxjo, and other cities. While Profisol has been a leading wholesaler of technical insulation products for decades, IPCOM also leads the technical insulation market in the Netherlands, and is working on expansion in other countries throughout Europe.


The Company was established in 1967 in the industrial region of Inofita in Viotia, Greece, by a group of entrepreneurs. Today, the company is experiencing rapid expansion, contributing to the growth of the Greek economy. For more information about this company, see the following section. This section will give you important information about the company and its location. Its main goal is to provide high-quality products for its customers and ensure a steady supply of raw materials.


PROFISOL is a Manufacturer/Producer of PVC windows and aluminium and wooden doors. The company is based in Aartselaar, Belgium. The company has five employees and earns $647,105 in sales. However, it is difficult to determine the exact number of employees, as this information is based on model calculations. Nevertheless, this information does provide an indication of the company’s size.

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