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Wertago Review

The Android App is compatible with Google phones, smart phones, and other web-enabled devices. Users can search for friends, send mail, and select favorites. The app also includes features such as search, favorite, GO!Button, and Messages. The app requires registration. After registration, users can browse through their friend list and add favorites. The Android App has a wide selection of features, including search and favorites, GO!Button, Messages, and My Profile.

Offers powerful APIs

A mobile application that aims to connect socialites across cities, Wertago leverages powerful Android APIs to bring nightlife to life. It shows popular venues and helps users coordinate plans. The app allows users to share their posts and influence the social scene by interacting with other socialites. The app leverages the Maps API to present maps and the Social Networking API to connect users and socialites. These APIs enable the app to run efficiently and deliver compelling experiences.



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