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Netreo Monitors Your Network With Third-Party Solutions

Netreo’s single pane of glass monitoring interface

IT managers are always looking for better ways to monitor their network, including integrating third-party solutions. Netreo’s OmniCenter is a single-pane-of-glass monitoring interface that requires no agents. Moreover, it incorporates both standard-based and vendor-specific technologies for seamless monitoring of network-connected devices and applications. Additionally, OmniCenter includes Netreo’s full suite of monitoring technologies, including Application Response Time Monitoring, Voice-over-IP, and Virtualization management.

The single-pane-of-glass monitoring interface combines data from multiple sources into a unified view. The single-pane interface allows users to collaborate and analyze data in a single location without switching from one application to another. As such, it offers a flexible dashboard and customizable visualization capabilities to cater to the unique needs of different users. One-click access to all relevant data helps users identify valuable information and take action on it.

Netreo’s single-pane of glass monitoring interface provides multiple overview options, allowing users to see the highest level of detail in a single pane. The single-pane interface also includes API access, enabling users to integrate Netreo data into their existing management products. Intelligent Alerting Engine provides powerful alerting and visualization tools, while automatic topology detection enables users to view current topology without manually creating maps.

In addition to a single pane of glass interface, OmniCenter’s advanced features allow users to monitor mission-critical cloud applications. OmniCenter Voice, for example, collects call data from actual calls and translates it into a single pane-of-glass view. OmniCenter Email Monitor enables monitoring of email applications, as well as synthetic transactions and end-to-end benchmarking.

Its reporting engine

The Netreo reporting engine can monitor any network device and turn performance metrics into usable statistics. Depending on the configuration, the reporting engine can generate reports in multiple formats, including multi-year tables, graphs, and pie charts. Its data warehouse stores up to three years of historical trending data for easy access. With this data, IT professionals can make informed decisions about what to prioritize for their organizations. To ensure a more efficient network and better user experience, Netreo provides a complete set of reports to analyze network performance.

The Reporting Engine can be used to measure key call center statistics and develop operational insights to improve processes. Combined with other data sources, it delivers historical insights from best practices for call centers. With advanced customization options and a customizable interface, it allows users to schedule reports and KPIs to monitor performance and identify trends. The reports can be exported to Excel or XLSX and easily accessed and shared with stakeholders. This functionality allows managers to see their call center’s health at a glance and identify any issues that may need immediate attention.

The Netreo reporting engine provides a comprehensive view of enterprise computing resources and allows business leaders to correlate IT performance to business results hybrid enterprise network monitoring of infrastructures, multi-cloud environments, applications, and digital experiences. With the ability to monitor these metrics, Netreo enables business leaders to ensure that great user experiences translate into improved business outcomes. The platform is available in cloud and on-premises deployment models.

The Netreo network monitoring tool provides a single pane of glass interface with customizable views and reports. It can also be integrated with existing management products and applications. It offers powerful alerting capabilities, including intelligent alerting and automatic topology detection. It also provides an API for developers to integrate Netreo with their existing applications. This software has won several awards, including Network Computing Awards in 2016 and 2017.

The Netreo reporting engine allows IT professionals to see a wide variety of metrics, including performance, availability, and security. Netreo provides auto-refresh functionality and configuration backup. It also supports auto incident resolution. It’s important to know the type of data a monitoring platform will collect in order to make informed decisions. Netreo provides this level of visibility in a single pane of glass and has a proven track record.



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