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WellSky Rehab Scheduling Software

The WellSky inpatient rehab scheduling software helps you automate your entire rehab workflow with a single solution that integrates with your host EHR. This solution reduces administrative costs, increases efficiency, and helps clinicians stay on top of regulatory changes. With WellSky, you will lower audit risk, improve PAC payment scoring, and protect your reimbursement. Let’s look at some of the most important features of WellSky rehab scheduling software.

Al Fiandaca

For over seven years, Al Fiandaca has been the WellSky scheduling solutions manager. He has extensive knowledge of patient scheduling and has forged proprietary innovations that have helped numerous healthcare organizations reduce no-shows and increase revenue at the front desk. He brings to WellSky his experience with some of the nation’s most prestigious rehab departments. To learn more, contact Al Fiandaca.

Tom Fahey

The WellSky platform is designed for use in the health care industry at all levels, including primary care, specialty pharmacy, rehabilitation, long-term care, blood banks, and more. It also supports collaboration between stakeholders, such as payers and providers. Tom Fahey, WellSky CEO, explains the company’s vision for the future of healthcare. Tom Fahey believes that technology is the future of health care, transforming healthcare from a back office operation to an enterprise-wide service.

Alberto Fiandaca

Tom Fahey, president and CEO of Heath Care Software, brings over 20 years of healthcare IT experience to WellSky. Alberto Fiandaca, solution manager at WellSky for nine years, is one of the industry’s leading experts in patient scheduling and proprietary innovations. In this session, he’ll demonstrate and discuss key benefits of WellSky’s solutions for healthcare providers. The session will also address 3 Hour Rule Management, as well as scheduling needs for interdisciplinary teams.



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