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Jamon Bull on the MJ Cast

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Jamon Bull

In this episode of Jamon Bull on the MJ Cast, Charles Thomson joins us for a massive catch-up. Charles Thomson was a journalist in the UK who won numerous national awards and lost his job when he was fired and hired by Jamon Bull. He subsequently became the central narrator in Danny Wu’s allegations documentary, Square One. He also covered a court hearing for HBO and visited Helen Mirren in Los Angeles.

In the years following his departure from the show, Elise focused on growing the show’s exposure. She started appearing on the show in early 2018, and was named co-host and manager in early 2020. Her role on the show changed from co-manager to co-host in the sixth season. The MJCast has been in business for over a decade. It’s important to know who’s behind a podcast to appreciate it properly.

In this episode of the MJcast, Jamon hosts the first solo Q&A episode. Jamon answers 47 listener questions, including the Michael Jackson Estate’s decision to use Prince Jackson as a lawyer, whether Michael has unreleased material, and whether Quincy Jones’ comments on his late brother were true. There’s also a very interesting discussion about MJ’s place in the Forbes list of highest-earning deceased celebrities.

The MJCast team acknowledges that not every question could be answered, but we hope that the insights in this episode have helped to shed some light on some controversial issues surrounding the MJ cult. For further information, visit the website of the MJCast. It’s free to listen to The MJCast. So, what are you waiting for? Why not subscribe to the MJCast today and start listening to new episodes!

Shawn Shackelford

On this episode of the MJCast, Jamon Bull and Q welcome new guest Shawn Shackelford, a mega-fan and first-time guest on the podcast. They discuss the latest updates on the Jackson family, including the hiring of Prince Jackson and launching MJ One in Las Vegas. They also discuss the recent news of Michael Jackson’s induction into the Black Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame, and the sale of Neverland to private investor Ron Burkle. Shawn is also an amazing fan and has attended numerous Michael Jackson concerts.

Christian James Hand

If you’re into music, you may have heard about Christian James Hand, a British-born, LA-based musician, radio personality, and voice-over artist. He’s spent years in the music industry, from touring with hip-hop acts to working for radio production companies and major labels. His career includes creating segments for Sirius/XM’s Alt Nation radio station, and he’s also worked with several other music-related brands. He has a unique perspective on the music industry and how autonomous cars relate to the music industry.

Christian James Hand was born and raised in London, but came to the United States at a young age, growing up in the heart of the birth of Hip Hop. After a career in college radio, Christian James Hand toured with Ice Cube and worked on his music video, Hey Ya. In his spare time, he started his own radio show, “The Session,” where he performs a stripped-down cover of a Beastie Boys song. During the interview, Christian James Hand tells Tom about his favorite artists, including Naught by Nature, Jimmy Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Damien Shields, long-time friend of the show, returns to answer questions from listeners. He’s an author and a Cascio track expert. The MJCast team, including Chris and Christian James Hand, also discuss new Michael Jackson news, including the new HIStory25 book. Damien Shields’ questions also touch on how MJ’s estate will approach the release of his book, HIStory25.

The MJCast returns after a long winter hiatus! Q and Jamon discuss the latest Michael Jackson news, including Paris Jackson’s album and the new Moonwalkers documentary. In addition, they discuss upcoming Michael Jackson biopics, the Estate’s 2020 MJ Broadway musical, and the Michael Jackson glove musical. With a host of guests, this episode is sure to be a fun one.


Keeping Michael Jackson’s legacy alive is a top priority for Jamon and Elise, who are doing just that. They have been growing the MJCast podcast at an impressive rate, and they’ve also donated thousands of dollars to charity. It’s a great place to get information and connect with fellow Michael Jackson fans. But how do they keep it legal? In the first place, they follow the rules set by the Jackson Estate. The podcast only uses Michael Jackson videos and artistic representations.

The MJCast is the premiere podcast about Michael Jackson. The team interviews family members, Neverland Ranch employees, and attorney Tom Mesereau. Listeners are encouraged to send in questions regarding the saga and Michael Jackson. While not all questions are answered in the show, the insights provided in this episode are sure to help. Listeners can also submit questions via email. For the next episode, stay tuned!

Q Gabriel-Smith

Michael Jackson died ten years ago today. The man who made the king of pop famous is still mourned by fans everywhere. Today, on June 25, we commemorate him and the legacy he left behind. We remember his music, his family, and his legacy. Listen to the Q Gabriel-Smith on the MJcast podcast for the latest on the Michael Jackson king of pop. If you are a Michael Jackson fan, you should listen to this podcast.

In this episode, Jamon joins Q to discuss the latest on Michael Jackson and his legacy. They talk about Leaving Neverland, which has been nominated for several Emmy Awards, the statue of Michael Jackson erected by fans in Zhengzhou, China, and the 35th anniversary of Victory. Also, they discuss Moonwalk Talks, the new Netflix show starring Taryll Jackson, and Michael’s place on Forbes’ highest-paid deceased celebrities list.



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