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The Camthropod Podcast

The Camthropod podcast is a growing open access teaching resource produced by the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. It aims to make Social Anthropology scholarship available to everyone, whether they are undergraduates or experienced researchers. Each episode of the Camthropod features new interviews with prominent scholars in the field. The Camthropod is part of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Anthropology, which is an online library of Social Anthropology scholarship. There are more than 2,000 entries.

Unofficial Prospectus

The Cambridge University Student Union has produced the Unofficial Camthropod Prospectus, which provides the university with a better perspective than official materials. There are several podcasts that are also worth checking out, including Talking Politics, hosted by David Runciman, with well-known political figures and academics. The Department of Anthropology also produces the Camthropod, a podcast featuring interviews with guests and students. There are also several Twitter accounts, including CambTweet HSPS, run by a current HSPS student.

Talking Politics

“Talking politics with a Camthropod is an ephemeral experience,” says Sian Lazar, a Cambridge anthropology graduate student. “We’re constantly on the move,” he says, “and we need an anthropological podcast to accompany those moments.” MIASU, or the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, is a unique and growing resource for teaching social anthropology. It features interviews with members of MIASU, as well as articles on anthropology and its relationship to the region.

The team behind Talking Politics is comprised of linguistics and anthropology experts to better understand the intersection of language and culture in political communication. The project is a graduate student-led initiative. The researchers involved include Velda Khoo of the University of Colorado Boulder and Wee Yang Soh of the University of Chicago. The project is open to the public, and it features both academics and members of the public.

Special guest

As the new academic year approaches, it’s time for the Camthropod podcast, which welcomes the new academic year by featuring the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit. In the 30th anniversary episode, we talk to members of the MIASU, including Dr. Gareth Ward. If you haven’t listened to this podcast before, I highly recommend it! Read on for more information. (Camthropod is a member of the Agora Podcast Network.)

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