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JoeBucsFan: The Buccaneers’ Offseason Moves

If you’re a Buccaneers fan, you’ve probably noticed that the Buccaneers have been doing all kinds of trading this offseason. Not only did they trade out of the first round, they also loaded up on talent. Tonight is no different. The Buccaneers are in the process of signing the best players on the market. Here are some of their latest moves. Read on to see what they’ve done this offseason.

Joe Bucsfan’s NFL Draft picks

Among the many top prospects at the NFL Draft this year, linebacker Grant Stuard was a big surprise for the Bucs. He possesses a big frame for a linebacker, standing at 6’0, 283 pounds with a 4.88-second 40-yard dash. Unlike Hall, though, the Buccaneers are more likely to take a running back than a wide receiver. However, this might not be enough to convince a Buccaneer fan to trade up for Hall.

One reason that the Bucs did not select a cornerback in Rounds 1 or 2 is because the club added veteran nickel/safety Logan Ryan to their roster. The Bucs might be able to pick up a cornerback tonight, however. If they do, they can consider it a major endorsement of the cornerbacks’ unit. A shrewd Bucs fan should be prepared to make that gamble.

The Buccaneers could wait until the third round to add an edge rusher and a defensive back. If they draft a defensive back, they could also get an impact player at a tight end. The Bucs can’t afford to wait until the fourth round to add a running back. While a running back isn’t an obvious pick for the Bucs, it could be the perfect fit for the Bucs’ rebuilding plan.

Buccaneers’ trade out of Round 1

After the Jaguars traded away the 27th overall pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved up in the draft to grab a second-round pick, the 33rd overall. The Buccaneers now hold two fourth-round picks and one sixth-round selection, along with a fifth-rounder at No. 160. The Buccaneers had 67 players on their roster and need about 90 to start training camp. Their trade out of Round 1 came as a surprise to many.

After the trade, the Buccaneers may be looking to upgrade their wide receiver corps. A deal with Christian Watson would give Tom Brady another big target while giving Chris Godwin some leeway to heal. Besides being a Tampa native, Watson is also 6’4″ and runs a 4.36 in the 40-yard dash. With his size, he would fit in well with the Bucs.

Besides the quarterback position, the Buccaneers also have another pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. A late-round selection costs more than a first-round selection, so Tampa Bay should make the most of its late-round pick. Tampa Bay’s fifth-round pick is a must for the Buccaneers, and if the team can’t get the top pick, the second-round pick is an excellent choice.

Carlton Davis

If the Bucs are going to spend a large portion of their salary cap on a free agent cornerback, it would be wise to sign Carlton Davis. The free agent market has increased significantly, and Davis could command a large price tag. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating Davis’ worth. The Bucs need to protect their best corner, and that means relying on a healthy Davis.

Carlton Davis is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, and he is only 25 years old. He leads the NFL in passes defended, and he is a first round pick. His tackling and blitzing are second to none, and he has made many teams nervous. Despite his lackluster performance last season, Davis still has the potential to be a Pro Bowler.

While Davis has not played every snap this season, he has already made a big impact. He has two interceptions and is tied for the league lead in picks. His three picks are also among the NFL’s best. He has also made three tackles for loss. That’s enough to be an elite cornerback. The Bucs need to find a team willing to pay that price.

Another question to answer is whether the Bucs should retain him or trade him to a contender. As a fifth-year corner, Carlton Davis is still underrated in the NFL. He has top route recognition and the size to hold receivers vertically. If he’s moved to a position where he will hit free agency, he’ll command a high salary. And if the Bucs are going to trade Davis, it won’t improve the Bucs’ defense.

Ronald Jones

If you’re a true Buccaneers fan, you’re probably curious about what JoeBucsFan’s primary industries are. While he’s a long-time professional sportswriter with more than 50 years of experience, he’s also a crazed Buccaneers fan with NFL media credentials. Here, we take a look at his primary industries and what makes him unique.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers desperately need a backup quarterback. It’s not as if Gabbert is an unknown quantity. The quarterback has already started 13 games in his career, a dismal 13-35 record. Moreover, the Bucs are not building for the future by making Gabbert their go-to guy in their 11th season. That’s just wrong and a huge step backwards.

Is the Bucs’ decision on Gabbert justified? It seems that way. The Bucs’ official Twitter account is buzzing about him. They are talking as if he’s already signed for 2022, but Gabbert isn’t. And he doesn’t have a realistic shot to start anywhere else in the NFL. Considering that Gabbert has a contract with the Buccaneers that expires at the end of this season, a salary increase would make sense for the team.

There’s no reason to panic, however. As of now, it’s not clear if the Bucs will trade Gabbert. But it’s possible the Bucs might be pursuing another quarterback in exchange for Gabbert. After all, the quarterback has no contract until 2022. But Arians has made it clear that he believes Gabbert is an elite quarterback and can keep the Bucs competitive in case Watson is suspended. So, let’s hope this is true.

Arians’ decision to throw to Brown

The incident has become a lightning rod for the debate over whether or not Bruce Arians made the right decision throwing to Antonio Brown. While the Buccaneers coached the receiver correctly, the tone of the conversation suggests that Arians was not aware of the ankle injury. While Arians denied that the incident was intentional, he did state that Brown had been on a pitch count. Regardless of the motives of Arians, Brown’s performance in the game remains a cause for concern.

The ramifications of Arians’ decision to throw to Brown are largely unfathomable. The fact that Brown had a foot injury was an excuse enough, but he was also pissed off that he had missed the incentives. It would have been better if the quarterback had asked him to sit out the game rather than throw to Brown when he was already in trouble. But then again, if Brown had a problem with his ankle, then he would have played.

While Arians did not blame Brown for his suspension, he was right in calling himself accountable for the incident. But his lack of transparency isn’t a positive sign. He should have apologized before making such an important decision that affects the team’s future. In the end, his actions will have consequences. A better coach might have avoided making a statement about Brown’s behavior in the first place. JoeBucsFan



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