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Trump’s Twitter Has Become a Potusmashable Meme

Trump is one of the most popular people on Twitter, and he’s constantly tweeting funny stuff. In fact, his tweets have become so popular that they’ve turned into meme material.

However, one of his most famous hashtags, Twitter Teamtrump Potusmorsemashable, is causing quite the controversy. This is because it’s a joke, but many people find it offensive.


Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s a place where people can share their opinions, discuss current events, and even check on their favorite celebrities. It also has a lot of content that can be shared and spread, such as funny tweets from President Trump.

However, a recent hashtag controversy has caused quite a bit of concern among users. It’s called Twitter Teamtrump Potusmorsemashable, and it involves the President of the United States using a Morse code hashtag to make his tweets more accessible to the public.

The President has been using the hashtag for his daily tweets since he took office in January. This is a way for him to avoid traditional media outlets and get his message across to the public quickly and effectively.

He has also set up an official team of volunteers to help him manage and amplify his Twitter accounts, which is called “teamtrump.” They’re responsible for drafting tweets and making sure they reach as many people as possible. They also monitor responses to their posts so they can respond to any problems that may arise.

In the past, President Trump has used Twitter to announce his decisions and promote his campaign. He’s also used it to announce his travel plans and his policy changes. He’s also had his team retweet and share the tweets of other users.

Aside from promoting his own messages, President Trump has also used the platform to troll other people, as well as criticize other governments. He’s also used it to make claims about voter fraud and other conspiracy theories.

Some of his tweets have become meme material, which has helped to drive up his popularity on the platform. He also has over 96% of the Twitter audience following him.

The Twitter Teamtrump Potusmorsemashable hashtag has been receiving a lot of criticism, and President Trump himself has taken to Twitter to complain about it. He’s also urged Twitter to fact-check some of his tweets.

While it may be an unfortunate hashtag choice for the President, it’s up to each user to decide whether or not they find the term amusing or offensive. While some may find it inappropriate, others have defended its use, and it’s up to the user to decide whether they feel that it’s worth all the negative attention it’s been receiving.


One of the former president’s closest advisers, Jason Miller, is behind a new social media platform called GETTR. It resembles Twitter and offers many of the same features, such as a trending topics feed, verified users, and the ability to reshare posts.

Despite being in Beta, the app is already gaining users, especially among conservatives. The site claims to be “a brand-new social media platform founded on the principle of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and ‘cancel culture’.”

According to Mediaite, Miller is claiming that the app is free to download from Apple’s App Store, though it appears to have a few glitches. It’s also unclear what kind of verification it requires, though it seems to be less stringent than Twitter’s.

The site is available in both English and Chinese. It says it will provide users with a “non-bias” social network that allows them to post and discuss any topic they want, with the option to add photos or videos as well. It also touts a “quick sign-up process” and a claim that it will be “the best quality software ever.”

It is clear that GETTR wants users to link their Twitter account, but there’s no way to do that without following Twitter. Once linked, it gives the app access to tweets, account settings, follow and unfollow lists, and more–essentially all of your Twitter data.

In addition, it allows people to like, unlike, and reply to tweets, as well as update their profile and settings from the app. This is similar to how other integrated platforms, such as Twitter’s TweetDeck, work.

Another nifty feature that Gettr has is the ability to share photos, videos, and links through Instagram Reels and Tik Tok. It has also recently added a “Vision” section where users can see a variety of videos from the users they’re following.

While GETTR is still in Beta, it has seen a lot of success with right-leaning audiences, especially with Joe Rogan joining the platform last week. The company has seen over 1 million sign-ups since Rogan joined, according to figures exclusively shared with The Washington Post.


Getty Images, the world’s largest stock photo provider, has recently launched an innovative tool that matches trending topics on Twitter with their image library. This powerful new software integration can help you create and distribute imagery on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

As many people know, one of the key issues in sharing images online is attribution. The Web 2.0 revolution has made it easy to share photos and videos, but it’s also led to the emergence of widespread copyright infringement. Especially on Twitter, where wildly popular accounts can amass hundreds of thousands of followers with nothing but unlicensed, free images.

That’s why Getty, which specializes in images, is trying to make it easier for people to credit the photographers who took their photos. The company is removing its watermarks from all of its collection, and is also launching an open-embed program that lets users embed their photos directly on their website, blog or social media account.

In order to prevent copyright infringement, Getty Images requires that any image embedded on your site be accompanied by a footer containing the author’s name and file-ID number. The company also has to be able to track where the embedded content goes, so it can identify and remove any violators.

In a recent interview with the BBC, a Getty spokesperson explained that the company uses technology from PicScout, which can scan the Web to detect where an embedded picture has been used. That information is then shared with a third party that can take prompt action to remove any violators from the site. But the company is also careful to note that it will never release user data or sell advertising directly through the new embeds.


Among Granite Stater’s many elected officials, Secretary of State TJ Morse stands out for his dabbling in the high stakes world of public finance. A long time acolyte of the political arts, Morse has garnered an impressive albeit modest number of adoring fans. Nevertheless, his high profile status has a pricey associated with it. For the past few years, the secretary of state has been tasked with the unenviable task of wrangling a dysfunctional slew of politicians. With a statewide budget in the billions and no shortage of political donors, the task has become more difficult than he could handle.



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