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Strategies to Win at Slingo

When you put slots and bingo together, you get a unique game called Slingo. This game was invented by Sal Falciglia Sr who originally intended to just convert it into an entertaining show on television.

However, even after 2 whole decades, Slingo continues to rule over the hearts of slot lovers across the world – click to visit now. With Slingo’s ever-increasing popularity, players are now wondering… what kind of a strategy can you use to win?

Choosing the Right Game

Slingo is a game where you can never influence the outcome. The results are completely random and you are mostly dependent upon your luck. Nevertheless, there are some ways to maximize your chances of winning. You have to choose the right game by analysing certain parameters:

·           Return to Player Rate

The return to player rate must be above 95% in a game. This rate also helps you determine the house edge:

100% = House Edge + Return to Player Rate

or, 100% – Return to Player Rate = House Edge

Hence, when the return to player rate is more than 95%, the house edge would be less than 5%. A rate of more than 95% also means that a player can win more than 95% of the money they put in the game over time.

·           Volatility

Volatility, a.k.a., variance, is a very significant feature of a game. When a game has high volatility, it means that the rewards turn up very rarely but when they do, they are huge. On the other hand, when a game has low volatility, it means that the rewards turn up very frequently but they are small in size. Medium volatility indicates that there is an appropriate balance between the frequency of the rewards and their size.

Fixing a Budget

The key is to exercise restraint and never exceed your budget no matter how tempting it may seem. Most importantly, the budget you play with must be a sum that you can afford to lose completely. In the field of finance, this is called the concept of conservatism, i.e., presuming no gains and anticipating all losses. After all, it is better to be safe rather than being sorry.

Choosing the Right Casino

1.     Encryption

An SSL encryption is a must in a gambling site because it protects your data. When a site has this encryption, you see ‘https’ marked on the far left of the domain name of the site when it appears on the address bar of your browser.

2.     License

When a site is not licensed, there is a significantly high possibility that it is a fraud. When you put money in a gambling site, you need to be assured that you will not end up being conned. So, never forget to look for the licenses.

Final Thoughts

When you are playing on a low budget, games with low volatility are ideal for you because they offer low risk. However, do not forget that the most important part of playing Slingo is having fun. So, stop worrying too much about strategy and embrace the game. We promise that it will be the experience of a lifetime.



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