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Do the slots pools in the jackpots change all the time?

If this is not the question that you are asking when you are going to play via the phone casino, then what are you doing? Slots players want to know how much their jackpot pool is and how they are going to win it.

The pool in the jackpot does work in seemingly mysterious ways, however. So, you need to know what is going on inside that jackpot pool and why it is changing height so frequently. Once you know this, you are well on your way to becoming a seasoned slots player and then even closer to reeling in the juicy jackpot!

What is the Slots Jackpot Pool and How do you get it?

First of all, you need to know what the pool in the jackpot is before you win it! Don’t frown at those who do not know, this is not innate knowledge and all you high rollers out there were once in the very same situation.

So, to get you started, we have easily transcribed the two major types of jackpot that you will usually see, or if you are lucky enough will get to steal!:

1.       Fixed Jackpots – These are your standard major jackpots which are usually advertised before playing the game so that you know that you could take home X amount! Fixed jackpots, however, usually operate with a maximum bid only bet, meaning that you only get a chance at reeling in the fixed jackpot through being a high roller and putting what the game deems is a maximum bet!

2.       Progressive Jackpots – If you wanted to know if the pool in slots jackpots changes then this is the jackpot that you want to be studying. Progressive jackpots offer you an accumulation (or part) of everyone who is playing that slot game. Basically, if you do not bet the highest amount in a slot game then you are disqualified for the maximum jackpot, but you are entered into the progressive jackpot, whereby you could be winning a changing pot, but all loses go back into that pot!

The trick to getting that changing jackpot is pure luck and charm, my friend, so grab your four leafed clover and lucky pants as you are going to need them if you want to be riding the piggy bank all the way home.

Should you, Therefore, Play for the Changing Progressive Jackpot or Fixed Jackpot

Now you know why the jackpot pool seemingly keeps changing, should you be going for that one or the fixed ones? Follow our helpful pros and cons table bellow to swing you off the fence and firmly on one side:

Fixed JackpotsProgressive Jackpots
You have to enter in the maximum betAll bets accumulated and give you a chance at gaining some of
Fixed jackpot usually larger than progressiveIf you lose, you give somebody else your money!
It is safer to play smaller betsSome of the accumulated pool goes to the slot website
Slot site decides on the jackpot 
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