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Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard about the Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test. It’s a high-tech, highly accurate DNA test that can prove who a child’s biological father is. But what makes it special? In this article, we’ll discuss cost, accuracy, reliability, and misinterpretation. We’ll also talk about whether this test is worth it.


Performing a criminal paternity test can be a complicated and expensive task, but Sorenson Forensics is a trusted forensic testing agency. Their results are extremely accurate, which makes them a popular choice among law enforcement agencies. Here are some reasons why so many people choose them to conduct a criminal paternity test. Below, you will learn more about Sorenson Forensics’ testing process and the cost.

Among its DNA tests, the Sorenson Forensics criminal paternity test is based on scientific research. The laboratory ensures accurate results within a short amount of time. In addition to delivering accurate results, Sorenson Forensics is committed to following impartial procedures and taking the necessary precautions. This is just one of the ways Sorenson Forensics has contributed to crime investigations throughout the country.

Sorenson Forensics is a Utah-based company that performs paternity tests for law enforcement. Its employees have been accused of unscientific testimony in courtrooms and claiming their tests could establish paternity in children who do not have a biological father. In response to these allegations, the company has agreed to pay over $200,000 in fines to Virginia and Maryland. As a result of the scandal, many people are questioning the validity of paternity tests and whether they are worth the money.

Sorenson Forensics’ expertise is widely acknowledged, and it has helped to solve many cold cases. In fact, the Sorenson Forensics company has been involved in the solving of every cold case in Utah in the past few years. They also work on many other cold cases around the world. And, while it costs about $2,000 for a paternity test, it is more than worth it.

Sorenson Forensics’ DNA lab is accredited by ASCLD/LAB-International and uses the LEAD database to archive DNA profiles from crime scenes. The DNA profile is only one part of the story, and Sorenson Forensics has partnered with the FBI, US Secret Service, and Nigeria’s National Crime Laboratory to perform these tests. Sorenson Forensics offers a full range of services and guarantees utmost accuracy.


Among the leading DNA investigation labs in the United States, Sorenson Forensics offers DNA profiling services to law enforcement agencies and private laboratories. Its highly accurate tests are recognized by the College of American Pathologists and are becoming increasingly important in the criminal justice system and divorce cases. In addition to providing high-quality DNA testing services, Sorenson Forensics offers many other services, such as DNA analysis and other criminal casework.

Sorenson Forensics provides accurate criminal DNA tests that are used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. These results can help them determine grandparentage, half-sibship, and other genetic relationships. Their services range from DNA fingerprinting to the determination of the identity of an unmarried couple. Sorenson Forensics is an excellent choice when you need to prove the identity of your baby.

While DNA paternity testing accuracy varies between companies, Sorenson Forensics has a reputation for being one of the most accurate. Their criminal paternity test is backed by a reputable DNA database. A match will help investigators determine the correct father of a child. Sorenson Forensics experts match the DNA to the FBI’s CODIS database to determine whether a child is a father.

Because of its high level of accuracy, Sorenson Forensics is the preferred choice of law enforcement agencies and private investigators. Their DNA testing services help identify criminals and provide evidence that can aid prosecution. In addition to performing DNA tests, Sorenson Forensics offers legal consultation, missing person identification, and many other lab reports. The laboratory employs 50 to 200 people and is located in Draper, Utah.

Sorenson Genomics was founded in 1996 to process genetic samples for ancestry data. Its subsidiaries now have three of the most accurate forensic DNA testing labs in the United States. Their subsidiaries have also pioneered drugstore paternity tests and take-home STD tests. But their headquarters are a squat, tan building that lacks the modern, cutting-edge DNA analysis tools.


Sorenson Forensics is a renowned DNA research laboratory. Its reliable results are relied upon by law enforcement agencies. Moreover, its fingerprinting technology helps find relatives in cases where DNA tests can’t prove paternity. Despite being a privately held company, Sorenson Forensics is able to serve the public with quality results. In fact, their services are trusted by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Sorenson Forensics is a leading DNA research lab in the United States. It has a close association with law execution and standard offices and has worked with many law enforcement agencies on various cases. The lab has established a reputation for providing reliable DNA testing results and on time. Its Criminal Paternity Test has been gaining recognition in different regions of the nation and is quickly turning into a renowned brand in the Biotechnology industry.

Sorenson Forensics has been successful in playing out criminal paternity tests. Their results are highly accurate. In fact, law approval associations often use the results to determine whether two individuals are related. In addition to offering reliable DNA tests, Sorenson Forensics provides help to local law prerequisite associations. Its DNA testing services are available throughout the United States. However, it should be noted that DNA has the potential to be degraded and contaminated.

In addition to offering DNA testing services, Sorenson Forensics has also helped set up national forensic DNA labs in Nigeria and South Korea. The laboratories at Sorenson Forensics are renowned for their reliability in criminal cases. Consequently, Sorenson Forensics is the preferred choice for law enforcement agencies. Its expertise in criminal DNA profiling means it can reliably identify a man’s paternity or maternity.

A Sorenson Forensics criminal paternity test is a valuable tool for parents and children. In fact, this type of test is now so popular in the United States and abroad that the laboratory employs between 50 and 200 people. It also offers other services like legal advice and missing person identification. They are a private, non-profit organization based in Draper, Utah.


A DNA test performed by a laboratory can be misinterpreted if the results don’t accurately reflect the father’s identity. A father may object to the test but this is not a requirement. It may also be done without the father’s consent, leading to more evidence. Law enforcement agencies often contract Sorenson Forensics to perform DNA testing to help them catch criminals. Experts from Sorenson Forensics can be called to testify in court, and they work with government agencies like the US Secret Service and Treasury Department.

The results of a criminal paternity test performed by Sorenson Forensics are accurate and timely, which makes them a popular choice among law enforcement agencies. Because they can help law enforcement agencies determine a paternity relationship, many use their results to identify other relatives. Sorenson Forensics provides a wide range of forensic tests, including paternity tests and DNA analysis.



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