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Santal 33 Perfume Review

A popular fragrance, Santal 33 exudes a woodsy-sweet cast without being overly masculine. The fragrance smells equally enticing on both men and women. Unlike many perfumes, Santal 33 features an impossible-to-copy blend of ingredients. Here is a look at some of the best-selling ingredients of this iconic fragrance. Read on to discover how to choose the right one for you.

Woody Sandalwood

Dossier’s Woody Sandalwood is a close copy of Le Labo’s iconic perfume. It contains the same ingredients, including the sandalwood that’s used in the original, plus additional notes such as Orris, violet leaves, cypress, and musk. The woody notes in this fragrance strike the perfect balance between sharp and exciting, and we love the fact that it’s made in the U.S.A.

Another dupe for Le Labo’s Santal 33 is Kierin NYC’s Santal Sky, a similarly woody scent. Made in the USA, Kierin NYC is cruelty-free, vegan, and free of toxins. A UK Cosmopolitan review raved about the two scents. As a cheaper alternative, Dossier Woodly Sandalwood has middle notes of violet leaves, ambrox, and orris.

If you’re a fan of sandalwood, then you’ll love this perfume. It’s the kind of woody scent that envelops you like the sun at midday. The fragrance’s heart note is the sandalwood cream accord, which combines the woody note with notes of ambrox, ambrette, and vanilla absolute. It’s rich and creamy and evocative of the same-named scent from fifteen years ago.

For a few hours, Santal 33 remains the same, retaining its original scent. Peppery undertones are emitted at the edges of the scent, while watery accords and cucumber remain the powerful part of Australian sandalwood on the skin. Meanwhile, iris and milky, fig-like undertones change only slightly. Despite its complexity and simplicity, Santal 33’s Woody Sandalwood remains a solid scent that will stay with you long after the bonfire is over.


The leather at Santal 33 is a classic fragrance that exudes a woodsy-sweet scent, without the overpowering male presence. The scent is equally appealing to men and women. The woody blend of ingredients that make this scent unique is difficult to replicate. Read on for tips to get the most out of this unique scent. Listed below are a few things you should know about leather. You can even try it on for size.

The scent of Santal 33 is one of the most distinctive and recognizable scents on the market. It’s reminiscent of the Marlboro Man ads of the 20th century, and it was named after the early American west. The scent is unisex and is often considered the “scent of the social elite.” Despite the fact that it is a cologne, this unisex fragrance is still a must-have for men.

The fragrance is not cheap – Santal 33 can run you a couple of hundred dollars. A good dupe is Diptyque Fahrenheit, which has similar notes and a hint of vanilla bean. Luckily, Fahrenheit is less expensive than Santal 33, and it starts at just $98 for a mini size. The full-size bottle costs $140. Therefore, Fahrenheit is only a fraction of the price of Santal 33.


The Dossier is a renowned French perfume brand that sells high-end fragrances. They strive to create high-quality fragrances for an affordable price. They offer fragrances inspired by the world’s most prestigious perfume houses. Though they are not cheap, they take great pride in their craftsmanship and ingredients. They are created in the French town of Grasse. The fragrance is reminiscent of the classic scent of the Marlboro Man, which was popular in the early 20th century.

The fragrance evokes the memories of a generation, conjuring up memories of similar people and events. It can also be a trigger for anecdotes, which are often related to the scent. The scent has broad appeal and may remind you of a hip hotel basement bar, a yoga class, or a trendy shop. The possibilities are endless! You don’t need to be a millennial to appreciate the fragrance’s versatility.

If you are looking for a dupe for the iconic Amber Santal 33 fragrance, look no further. This dupe from Dossier features a woody sandalwood base, as well as delicate floral notes. The woody notes in this perfume are classic and make for a sophisticated, yet feminine scent. Dossier’s version is available in a 50ml bottle, as well as in an essential oil application. The price is right, too, with a high fixation of 25%.


If you are looking for a woodsy, spicy, and fresh fragrance, Bitterness of Santal 33 is the one. The scent is not overly masculine and works equally well on men and women. Its unique blend of ingredients will make you smell and feel sexy on both sexes. Despite being available only at certain boutiques in the US, Santal 33 is well worth its price.

Its name comes from the fact that the original bottles of Santal 33 were crafted by the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. It was the first hotel in the world to sell the bottle of liqueur, which is sold for $95 at Dermstore. This limited edition version has a shelf life of approximately four years. You can purchase the perfume online for about $50 at this time.


After being released in 2011, Santal 33 garnered an instant cult following among upper middle class millennial New York hipsters and creatives. Its rise was not a product of clever branding or marketing, but of its scent profile. Its sillage, which was unique to its category, prompted both outspoken compliments and widespread word-of-mouth recommendations. The fragrance’s reassurance was the perfect complement to the experience economy mindset, and it was also more expensive than the core stock in 2010.

The fragrance is best described as a bitter, tart, or pickle-like scent. Other notes might fit this description as well. Papyrus, leather, violet, and a very tart edge are present. It is also dry and slightly woody. While Santal 33 is very popular, its popularity may not be entirely due to its scent. It may be better suited for women who prefer a less pungent scent.


The name itself suggests austerity. However, Santal 33 is a perfume that evokes many other emotions. It combines the scent of natural wood with urban and warehouse scents. The scent conjures up white-walled art galleries and abandoned factory raves. This perfume is so enticing that it’s become a cult scent. Although the brand may have started off as a perfume, it has since become a worldwide success, gaining word-of-mouth recommendations and outspoken compliments.

It’s no secret that Santal 33 is a favorite among men and women. It exudes a woodsy-sweet scent without being overly masculine. It’s equally enticing on men and women, and its unique blend of ingredients make it a highly sought-after scent. Despite the fact that the scent is a classic, it’s affordable. One bottle costs just $98 for the small size, and $140 for the full size. Compared to Santal 33, this fragrance is a great bargain.



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