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Fotor – Creating Lit Spotify Playlist Covers

Whether you’re making a playlist for yourself or want to create one for your friends, it’s important to have a good-looking cover image. With Fotor, you can quickly and easily design cool Spotify playlist covers that will attract more downloads and attention.

We have a large selection of Spotify playlist cover templates in a variety of styles and genres. Choose a template that fits your music taste and start editing.


Whether you’re creating a playlist to get fit, clean, or chill out, Spotify allows you to style your playlists with cool album art. Using this feature is easy and can help you attract more attention to your content.

Having a great-looking Spotify playlist cover is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. It also helps users remember your playlist and get to it easily when they’re on the go. Luckily, it’s easy to create custom playlist covers on the internet and is completely free!

With a few clicks, you can design a playlist cover photo that’s as creative or artsy as you want it to be. There are many different templates to choose from in a wide range of styles.

Playlists on Spotify are an excellent way to share your passion for music with others. They’re also a great way to find new songs and discover artists that you like. You can even use your playlists as a marketing tool to reach more potential customers.

You can easily create a custom playlist cover on VistaCreate with a simple signup process. Then, you can use our drag-and-drop editor to add your own images and text and customize it as you see fit. You can even use a variety of premade templates and mockups to get your creativity flowing!

When designing a playlist cover, it’s important to keep your image square and in JPEG format with a file size of under 4MB. This is the minimum size that’s required by Spotify, and you should make sure your artwork is readable at all sizes.

It’s also a good idea to select a font that reflects the playlist’s theme. For example, if your playlist is a list of the top 50 summer anthems, a light, thin font will probably be more readable than a script-heavy font.

To change your playlist’s cover image, open the Spotify app on your device and tap the three-dot icon under the playlist name. Select “Edit playlist” and “Change image” to upload the picture you want for your cover.

Easy to use

A lit spotify playlist cover is a simple way to add a personal touch to your music library. It also helps you organize your collection and share it with friends. With the right image, you can create a unique and memorable playlist cover that stands out from other Spotify users.

You can use your own photo or image for the playlist cover, or you can choose from a list of available ones. However, you must have a photo that you can legally use. This means that it does not violate any copyright or trademark laws and is not showing private information.

To change the cover image, open Spotify on your Android or iPhone and go to “Your Library”. Select a playlist you want to modify and tap the three-dot icon above it.

Next, you’ll see a browse window. Locate the photo or picture you want to use and pick it up. If necessary, you can drag the image to move it around in the frame.

When it’s ready, click Save. The new playlist cover will appear at the top of your library, and you can add a title and description if you like. The title will only fit 100 characters, so keep it brief and snappy to make it easier to read.

If you don’t want to use your own photo, there are many online resources that can help you find free and easy-to-use Spotify cover art. One of these websites is iTunes Artwork Finder, which allows you to filter and download artwork directly on a web browser.

Another website that can help you get free and high-quality Spotify cover art is Canva. This design app is chalked full of all the tools you need to create aesthetic Spotify playlist covers.

To start using Canva, enter a search for “Album Covers” and you’ll be able to find a plethora of templates to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something cool, funny, chill, creative, or sad, Canva has the templates to make your vision a reality.

For a more personalized playlist cover, you can use a free graphic design tool called Picmaker. This AI-based software lets you design beautiful cover images in a few steps without any specialized knowledge or skill. It also offers a wide range of customizable elements to give your design a more polished look.


If you are creating a playlist on Spotify, it is always great to make it stand out. The cover art is often the first thing that someone will notice, so it is important to have a high-quality image. Playlist covers can be a fun way to create a unique music collection and share it with your friends or family members.

Using the free version of VistaCreate, you can effortlessly customize your playlist covers to give them an aesthetic look. No matter what you are looking for, the maker offers premade templates and thousands of design objects to help get your project started.

For example, if you are making a playlist that contains pop rock songs, you can use a colorful and creative design to give it an eye-catching appearance. You can also choose to include a logo, text, or other visual elements to add to the overall appeal of your playlist cover.

When you are designing a playlist, it is essential to think about the mood of your audience and what kind of music they are looking for. For instance, if you are promoting a party playlist, you can use a bright and vibrant design that is sure to attract people’s attention.

You can also use contrasting colors to make your images stand out. This will allow people to quickly register what your cover is about and easily identify your music collection.

The best way to go about this is to select a high-quality photo that is appropriate for the size of your playlist and its audience. This will ensure that your cover looks clear and doesn’t look pixelated.

Another option is to use a stock photo that you can buy from your favorite image platform. This will save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to finding the right image for your playlist.

Lastly, you can also use a free Spotify template to make a playlist cover. These templates are free to download and can be used on all devices, including Android.

Whether you’re a business owner or just want to promote your own playlists, you can easily make a high-performing Spotify playlist cover that will attract people’s attention. You can do this by avoiding copyrighted or unlicensed imagery and following the standard playlist cover size of 300px x 300px.


If you’re a music lover and want to promote your playlist on Spotify, you need a beautiful and eye-catching cover. You can design a playlist cover using an online tool like Fotor, where you can use a wide variety of stock photos, stickers, icons and vectors to create a cover that’s unique and stylish.

Playlist covers are curated images that represent the list of songs grouped together on a digital music platform such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes. These curated graphic illustrations are an important part of a music listener’s experience with a digital music service; they are meant to convey a sense of personal style and taste while also marketing the playlist to other users.

A great playlist cover image will highlight the list of songs and a few keywords in a clear way to help potential listeners quickly identify which genre they are looking for. For example, if you have a music playlist that’s all about summer vibes, your playlist cover should feature bright sunlit beach motifs to bring out the feel of relaxing on the seafront.

Unlike album covers, which are larger and more detailed than playlist covers, a good music cover will still be simple and easy to read at a glance. To make your playlist cover stand out, consider contrasting colors to ensure that your key visual elements are easily noticed and will jump out in search results pages.

Another way to make your playlist cover more appealing is to include a brand logo. The use of a well-known brand logo will help you get the attention of potential Spotify listeners and make your music playlist more interesting.

You can also use a photo of a famous singer or musician to promote your music playlist if you have an artist who has a strong fan base. This is a good way to market your music in an effective and efficient manner; you can also include other music-related icons or symbols that will bring out the personality and style of your playlist.

The best thing about these high-quality Spotify playlist covers is that they are available for free. They can be downloaded and saved to your phone or desktop for quick access. They also have a wide range of templates, including ones that are perfect for a birthday party or anniversary playlist.



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