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7 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your DUI Case

Did you know that an average of 1.5 million people are arrested each year for driving while intoxicated in the United States of America? Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a good idea, and you should always look for legal help if you end up getting arrested for a DUI.

Making the decision to hire a lawyer will help you fight your case in court and give you the best possible chance of getting your life back together. The money required to hire an attorney might seem like it isn’t worth it, but there are many benefits that come with getting the best attorney.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about the seven big reasons to hire a lawyer near me. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Avoid the Testing Requirements

Arguably the biggest benefit that comes with getting the best lawyer to represent you is the fact that you can avoid the random urine testing that comes with many DUI cases. Many people that get arrested for a DUI are required to come to a testing facility once each day, and missing a test could result in a probation violation and more time in jail.

You should also expect to lose your license after getting arrested for a DUI. Making the decision to hire a lawyer could help you with getting this part of a DUI off of your record and allow you to maintain a normal way of life.

2. Future Employment Options

Another big reason why you need to consider hiring a lawyer near me is the fact that you might have a difficult time getting a job after your DUI arrest. Choosing not to hire the best attorney could end up with your DUI on your criminal record which will make it difficult to find work after this charge is added to your record.

Many employers run background checks on applicants and potential employees before making the final decision about hiring them or not. Hiring a DUI attorney is a great idea because they have plenty of experience navigating the legal system and helping you get the best result possible from your DUI case.

The best lawyer’s job is to decrease the penalty that you’re facing as much as possible. Rather than jail and a criminal record you could end up doing community service. Hiring the best attorney will save you the embarrassing experience of getting turned down for a job due to your criminal record.

3. Keep Your Driver’s License

Your driver’s license is your ticket to freedom as a citizen, and losing your license could keep you from living the life that you’ve always pictured. When you get arrested for a DUI you’ll lose the ability to drive during all court proceedings. Choosing to seek legal help is great because your lawyer could reduce the charges and allow you to keep your license.

Even with a 2nd DUI conviction, the best attorney will go above and beyond to help you with the consequences that you’re facing. Choosing not to seek legal help could result in you losing your driver’s license for up to a year.

4. Avoid Ignition Locks

Ignition locks are another common consequence of getting arrested for driving under the influence. These devices won’t allow you to start your vehicle until you blow into the device and it analyzes the alcohol in your system. Many people that get convicted of a DUI end up needing one of these devices in their vehicle for a year after the conviction.

The best lawyer will fight for you in court to help you avoid this costly device. Consider taking steps to hire a lawyer to avoid the consequence of getting arrested for a DUI.

5. High-Risk Insurance

High-risk insurance is another thing that you’ll be facing after getting arrested and convicted for a DUI. It might not seem like a big deal on the surface, but insurance companies will have a hard time feeling comfortable insuring you if you have a past record of driving under the influence.

You’ll face higher insurance premiums for at least three years after you’re convicted of driving under the influence. If you’re already having a hard time finding work as a result of your DUI then it’s possible that your financial situation will become dire. It’s a much better option to hire a lawyer to represent you in court.

6. Lower Court Costs

Choosing to hire a lawyer near me is also great because it can help with lowering your court costs. Court costs add up in a hurry, especially when you’re in the midst of a DUI case. You’ll need to pay your attorney money for the legal help that they provide, but your attorney is a great aid for bringing down the cost of your court fees.

7. Limit Your Probation

Limiting your probation is another massive benefit that comes with choosing to hire a lawyer after you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence. If you’re arrested for a DUI you’ll be required to report for probation for at least 90 days as the court proceedings go on.

Having probation is not only embarrassing but it prevents you from going about your life in a normal fashion. Getting the best attorney is wise because your attorney will know the steps to take in order to limit your probation and help you get back to living the way that you’re used to. They can use their experience and skills to reduce your charges and take probation off the table entirely.

Hire a Lawyer to Fight for You Today

Making the decision to hire a lawyer after you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence is one of the best decisions that you can make. Their skills and knowledge make them the perfect legal help for navigating your case and reducing your charges. The best attorney will decrease your court fees and help you expunge the DUI from your record.

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