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What is MsOutlookit?

Msoutlookit is a popular free Outlook add-in that allows users to access their personal information on the Internet without worrying about exposing themselves to security risks. You can use this tool to hide your emails and keep your private information from prying eyes, as well as manage your contacts and create a personal inbox. The free program is available to download for both Windows and Mac computers.

Adding msoutlookit add-ins to Outlook

MS Outlook offers a number of add-ins that help with various functions. Some add-ins are necessary, while others are not helpful. You can check the list of add-ins that are installed in Outlook and manage them to make sure that they are not hindering your work.

One of the add-ins in Outlook is the Social Media Add-in. This allows users to connect to different social networks. The add-in can be disabled if you do not need it.

Microsoft Teams Calendar is an add-in for Outlook that offers various integration features. For example, you can create new Skype meetings in your Outlook calendar.

The Adobe Acrobat add-in is also a useful add-in for Outlook. It provides tools to create PDFs. Moreover, the add-in allows you to set automatic archives.

There are also several third-party applications that add-ins to Outlook. If you are not sure which ones are needed, you can look for them on the Microsoft Office Store. Some of the add-ins offered there are Shared Email Templates, which include fillable fields, custom designs and 60-day free trials.

Another add-in you might want to look for is Boomerang by Baydin, Inc. This add-in allows you to create and save notes to messages. The app works with MS Outlook software and the browser.



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