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What is MAN and How Does it Work?

MAN atau Metropolitan Area Network adalah jaringan yang dikenal sebagai tradisional internet lokal yang membantu menghubungkan dua atau lebih komputer dengan area yang berada di kota yang sama atau berbeda.

MAN memungkinkan seluruh informasi dan data transfer serta penundaan propagasi. Terdapat kecepatan transfer datanya yang tidak berkisar dalam hal Mbps.


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LAN is a Local Area Network that provides connectivity to computers at specific locations within the same building, house, school, and office. It allows computers to share resources like printers, internet access, and files. It also supports security features and is used by businesses and homes to protect sensitive data from hackers.

It is designed to connect all types of computers and devices, such as printers, laptops, and mobile phones. It uses a combination of wireless technology and wired connections to transmit data from one device to another.

The most common way to connect a computer to a LAN is through Ethernet, which is a standard type of cable that transmits data over a network. Ethernet cables are available in several lengths and sizes, with each type having different specifications.

To set up an Ethernet connection, you will need a computer with an Ethernet port and an ethernet card. The ethernet card is usually installed in the motherboard of the computer.

Depending on the type of computer, the ethernet card may have different features and functions. For example, some versions of the ethernet cards have built-in firewalls, which prevent certain viruses and other harmful programs from running on your computer.

Another type of ethernet card is one that has an internal modem that provides wireless networking capability. This type of ethernet card is often referred to as a WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) card or a WiFi USB adapter.

If you are not sure how to set up an ethernet connection, check with your computer manufacturer or network administrator for instructions. Then, install an ethernet card in your computer and connect it to the router.

This type of network is a great solution for home and small business networks, as it offers a variety of features and functionality. For example, it can provide a secure network connection for your internet, e-mail, and other important applications. It can even allow you to share photos, music, and other files with others on your network.


Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a mechanism to automatically update a hostname, address or other information about a device, when it changes its location, configuration or IP address. This is usually done with a software client program in the firmware of a home networking router or modem, often integrated by the manufacturer. This client application connects to the DDNS provider’s servers with a login name that the user provides to configure their home system to send updates on a constant basis when an address change occurs. This allows a device to maintain its addressing consistency and security, even when the network environment becomes less stable.



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