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Top 5 Manga Sites

If you love reading Manga, this is a great site for you. It offers millions of stories for you to choose from. It also gives you the chance to create your own stories, share them with others, and receive real-time feedback on them. You can read stories in many genres, and even join a community forum where people discuss their favorite stories.


The free online manga reader Mangakisa is a great choice for anime and manga fans. Unlike some other manga reader platforms, Mangakisa is not cluttered with advertisements. Its collection of more than 1 million series is organized into 90 categories and is also available on mobile devices. You can search for a specific manga series by name and even upload your own.

The interface is simple and modern. There is a community that lets you share your favorites with others. You can also find manga reviews and ratings. You can share links to manga with other manga enthusiasts. And if you’re not into manga, you can also watch anime using this service. You’ll find that MangaKisa has a huge database and is a great option for anime fans.

The site offers thousands of free manga and anime episodes. It is updated daily and offers high resolution images. It also has a mobile application and an online community for manga fans. You can read manga on the go with the free manga app. If you’d rather read manga on your computer, you can use a web browser.

Anime fans can read manga online for free and the Mangakisa website is supported by user contributions. The site does not feature advertising and has a simple user interface. You can browse through over 1,000 manga series and choose the genre you want to watch. There are no censorship issues, so it’s a great option for fans of manga online.


AniChart is an app that shows detailed information about anime shows and seasons. You can tap on any episode to read more about it or add it to your watch list. There is no cost to watch an anime on AniChart, so you can browse through it and watch it anytime you want. You can also sort the list by series name or release year.


MyAnimeList is a website that displays a huge collection of manga and anime. The interface is simple to use and allows users to search through the entire collection quickly. The website also lets users read the background story of an anime or manga series. It also includes important information on the cast and the opening theme.

The movement has also been active in the fight against scanupload fraudulence. The goal is to prevent scantrad teams from using unauthorized work. In addition, it is possible to upload scans of manga to the web. But you should be wary of what you download, as scans are not always verified.

WeLoveManga MyAnimeList is a great place to share your passion for anime and manga. The site has millions of anime and manga series, and you can create your own collections. This free site also has a mobile app that lets you read manga on the go. You can even share your work with other manga lovers. This service is perfect for the avid anime fan. The manga library is constantly being updated, so you can find something new on it.


If you are a fan of BL manga, you’ll probably want to check out WeloveManga Synobook. It’s like a manga bank for BL manga. The only difference is that you can read manga by chapter rather than navigating to a URL link.

WeloveManga Synobook includes a whole bunch of manga that you might not have read before, like Man Hua Cun or Bi Suo Ji. The newest volume contains over 400 manga stories from all over the world. There are also over 700 illustrations in the book, which will keep you occupied for hours.

Manga Rock

After a successful launch in 2011, We Love Manga Rock has been gaining in popularity. It has collected more than 50,000 works and has more than 5 million downloads on its mobile applications. Its users can read free chapters and pages, or purchase paid content. The app is free for consumers, but it will cost $5 if the reader wants to access a full series.

The app was free and allowed users to read manga online and download them to read offline. The app was available for both Android and Apple devices. Users outside Japan and Korea could access the service with proxy servers. Now that Manga Rock has ceased operation, users will have to find another way to read manga. This will hurt the comic industry in general, and will affect manga creators financially.

Another alternative to We Love Manga Rock is GonVisor. The app has tons of manga sequences from different sources, including magazines, books, and online forums. It allows users to download high-quality sequences. While GonVisor does not have all of the popular manga, it is a great place to find undiscovered manga creators.

As an added bonus, the app is ad-free, which means you won’t be bombarded by advertisements. You can easily search for a specific title by category, and even download manga to read offline. The site is easy to navigate, with chapter listings organized by genre. The site also includes ratings for every title.



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