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These Are the Most Popular Condiments Used by Professional Chefs

There are those of us who consider themselves quite confident in their abilities around their own kitchen and there’s also those of us who would rather just go out to eat at every opportunity. And both camps find themselves quite envious of everything a chef can do. Regardless of which group you find yourself in, all of us get a little curious about the inner workings of the professional chef’s mind.

It is surprising, but the easiest way to take a peek behind the curtain is to think about condiments. That’s the case because it’s not something that’s going to take years of schooling to understand, unlike the styles of cooking they’ve learned and the form required to execute everything.

Those who are looking to add to the meals they make at home, adding a few things to the spice cabinet might just be the way to do it. If that sounds right up your alley, here’s what chefs can’t live without.


No matter the type of tool belt, the most important things are useful in plenty of different situations. Mayonnaise is the perfect example of that idea. Not only is mayonnaise right at home on sandwiches, burgers, and the meals you might expect, but its usefulness doesn’t stop there.

Another thing that makes mayonnaise so popular is its use and making sure your meals are turning out exactly like you like them. Well not everyone does this, there are plenty of chefs who swear by putting Mayo on the bread of a grilled cheese instead of butter while you fry it in the pan. An open secret of the culinary world is adding a layer of mustard to grilled chicken before throwing it on the grill.

Pepper Jelly

Whenever anyone needs some extra heat to make their meal special, chefs are going to turn to pepper jelly. There’s the typical things, of course, but going with something simple like Buffalo or Cayenne is old news. Whenever a chef is really looking to wow a customer, they know adding the perfect sweetness along with some heat is the best way to make a meal unforgettable.

Taking note from professional chefs, and always having pepper jelly in your cupboard, is the best way to make any meal unforgettable. No matter how old and boring things are feeling, try a pepper jelly glaze to make it feel like you’re having it for the first time.

Barbeque Sauce

The brilliance of barbecue sauce lies in the fact of all that can be done with it when it’s a foundation to be built upon. On its own, it’s delicious whether you are having chicken, pork, or any other kind of meat. How chefs really unlock the magic of barbecue is by adding a few special things depending on the exact meal that they’re cooking.

As versatility is of the utmost importance in a professional kitchen, when chefs just keep plenty of plain barbecue sauce around they can quickly have the likes of honey barbecue, spicy barbecue, or whatever other regional flavors might match the exact dish they are serving up.



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