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The Padaytharpin Website

The Padaytharpin web site is an informative website which explains all about this unique festival, the activities of the monks, and how you can donate to a worthy cause. The festival is held every year to raise money for aye ko construction company, which helps to fight novel coronavirus, a deadly virus which is on the rise in Myanmar. This web site can be helpful for travelers who want to know more about Myanmar and its people.

Festival in Myanmar

The Padaytharpin Festival is one of the most important festivals in Myanmar. The festivities are celebrated in a unique way with Buddhist rituals and pomp. During this festival, guests can enjoy local foods and drink. The Padaytharpin Festival begins in the first month of the year, which falls in Tagu (March or April on the Gregorian calendar).

The festival celebrates the Buddhist religion, which is reflected in its colorful, tree-shaped hanged offerings. In the past, this ritual was accompanied by a large fire. This year, a mine in the Maungdaw Township in Myanmar injured six people, including three monks. This incident highlighted the importance of a religious festival and the need for awareness and understanding. In addition to the religious significance of this festival, the festival brings people together and celebrates friendship.

The festivals of Rakhine people are also very colorful. During the Padaytharpin Festival, you will see the dazzling golden-hilltop temple on Kyaik Khauk Hilltop. This festival features a variety of traditional dances, food, and grilled meat. You will also find traditional war boats and a variety of Burmese foods. During this festival, visitors can also observe the traditional dances and musical performances of the Rakhine people.

The Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone is celebrated in November. This is considered the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter. During this day, thousands of candles are offered to the Koehtatkyi Pagoda in Yangon Division. The expression Tazaungmone means ‘Blessed with the number 9’. Moreover, the full moon day is a good omen and people draw lots to select the best places for the festival.

Another important festival is Thingyan, which is a four-day celebration that culminates the annual Burmese New Year. This festival is celebrated around April 13th and involves a water procession that includes barrels filled with water. In the processions, children dance on stages and throw water over passersby, washing away their sins in the process. In some villages, decorative floats participate in the processions.

The Lord Buddha is also revered during this festival. The country is predominantly Buddhist and spiritual life is very important to the citizens. This festival is celebrated by many people, including monks, who are expected to sit for the Tipitaka examinations while the monsoon is in progress. The exams involve written and recitation tests. Many locals help the monks with donations and charity. In return, the monks are given a chance to practice their craft.

The festival begins on the full moon day of the Burmese lunar calendar. It marks the end of the Buddhist Lent and celebrates the day that Buddha’s spirit returned to earth. The festival includes the lighting of lanterns, performing meritorious deeds at pagodas, and releasing special fire balloons. The festival is held on the day before and on the day of the full moon. While in Myanmar, the festival has a spiritual significance and is a great way to experience the country’s culture and traditions.



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