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The Drudge retort is a conservative parody of the Drudge Report that links to sources that fail fact checks and liberal blogs and pundits. It is a popular social news site, much like Reddit and Digg, that is often criticized for its liberal slant. What’s more, it’s run by conservatives, which makes it even more interesting. However, it is not as popular as the Drudge Report itself.

Drudge retort is a conservative parody of the Drudge Report

The conservative parody site has been around for a few years, but recently it has gained some popularity again, particularly among the political right. It started out as a left-leaning parody of the Drudge Report, which is run by conservative muckraker Matt Drudge. Now, the site has become a social news site, where members post links to news articles and comment on them.

The Drudge Report is a popular website that contains links to various news sites and contains stories written by Matt himself. The stories are generally short, ranging from two to three paragraphs, and tend to relate to stories that are about to be published. It also includes early exit polls and ratings from various companies, such as Nielsen, Arbitron, and BookScan.

A number of other conservative websites have been created, and many of them have taken their cue from the Drudge Report. The Associated Press, for example, has struggled to cope with new media and has asked the Drudge Retort website to take down articles about the Clinton and Obama campaigns. The AP announced earlier this week that it would consult with professional organizations before making a final decision.

The Associated Press sent the conservative parody a takedown notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because they considered its use of AP content to be “unfair” – despite the fact that it copied the headline and the first few sentences of news articles. The AP, however, considers such practices as copyright violations to be a gross misunderstanding of the doctrine of “fair use.” According to the AP, headlines and lede of news articles are not allowed to be used without proper licenses, which means that this kind of appropriation is considered hot news.

While the Drudge retort is largely a conservative parody of the original, the website is still an excellent source of news and commentary. The Drudge retort has become a staple in conservative circles. With its conservative bent, it is the right place for the conservatives to express their political views. It’s not surprising that the Drudge retort is so popular.

It links to liberal blogs and pundits

In a recent article, Drudge published a story on the attacks on Ashley Todd, who was volunteering in a local Ron Paul grassroots group. At the time, Prince Harry was ten weeks into his front-line deployment in Afghanistan. The British press had voluntarily banned coverage of the attack, so as to protect him from Taliban attacks. After receiving the backlash, Drudge printed a retraction, linking readers to news stories detailing the assault on Todd, a young woman who was volunteering for a Ron Paul grassroots group. While the article did not contain any new information, it did link to two other articles detailing the attack on Todd.

The AP recently sent Drudge a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, saying that the content on his website violated its terms. As part of the retort, Drudge’s readers are invited to contribute articles, comments, and blog entries about topics of interest to them. In addition to posting links to news articles and blogs, Drudge also provides a summary of six recent posts.

The Drudge Retort was launched in 1998, and was conceived as a left-leaning parody of the Drudge Report. Similarly, the site publishes news, but lacks transparency. Ownership is unclear and revenue is derived from advertising. Therefore, there are no ways to know whether or not Drudge’s content is accurate. It’s best to leave it out of your daily reading.

While the AP’s claim may not be legitimate, it is a legitimate one. It is not surprising that conservative websites have resorted to censorship in order to counteract Drudge Retort’s claims. But what is the right way to respond? To do that, AP needs to clarify the rules. But there are also other legal measures that Drudge could take to protect its content.

It is a social news site similar to Digg and Reddit

The A.P. sent a takedown request to Drudge Retort, a liberal news alternative. The site is largely comprised of user-submitted blog entries and comments, as well as links to interesting news articles. A sample Drudge Retort page contains 6 posts:

The AP isn’t pursuing its lawsuit against Drudge Retort, however. The AP owns nearly one-fourth of the daily newspapers and provides written and broadcast material to thousands of news organizations and Web sites. Its attorneys say that the site is violating its copyright and is abusing its users. The AP’s lawsuit seeks to have the site remove the stories that quote it, but that would be absurd.

The Drudge Retort site is an extension of the Drudge Report, an American news aggregation website. It consists of selected hyperlinks to news sites, and stories by Drudge. Stories usually range from two to three paragraphs and concern stories about the public. Occasionally, the site publishes early exit polls and Nielsen ratings.



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