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The Best Way to Pick Bedroom Curtains

Your space may feel more elegant and sophisticated with the appropriate curtains. They are essential decorative elements that may determine the colour and mood of the space. There are several options for you to consider, ranging from simple colours to vibrant prints, from sheer to opaque, and from light to ornate.

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When selecting curtains for your bedroom, keep the following in mind:

  1. Maintaining your privacy should be a top concern, and your bedroom curtains can aid in this.
  2. The curtains’ colour and pattern should complement and emphasize your bedroom’s overall design.
  3. Choosing the proper washing method is essential for long-term curtain maintenance.

Things to consider while choosing bedroom curtains

  1. Preserving your room’s privacy:

You must not compromise on the privacy of your bedroom, which is a crucial consideration. The quality of the curtains you choose should give a layer of seclusion while making your room appear spacious and welcoming. Layered curtains, floral curtains, hanging curtains, thick curtainsand blackout curtains are all options.

  1. Selecting the fabric:

If the curtain’s fabric is too heavy, it could be difficult to maintain and mend and if it’s too light, it might come off quickly. Hold a sample of the cloth up to a window to gauge its ability to retain moisture.

To test if you have the proper sort of fabric, try folding the cloth into an accordion shape and watch how it unfolds.

  1. Selecting the colour of the bedroom curtains:

Choosing curtains that go with the decor of the bedroom is one of the best strategies. If you pick the proper colour for your curtains, you may create a unified appearance and match the curtains’ style to that of your bedroom. It is preferable to select curtains with a neutral tone if your bedding, walls, and other room furnishings are brightly coloured. If the bedroom’s walls are a neutral colour, the reverse can be accomplished.

  1. The curtain’s ideal length:

The size of your bedroom window and the style will determine how long the curtain should be. There are three different curtain lengths: floor, puddle, and apron. Aprons-length curtains are preferable if you often open your windows. The 84-inch-long apron-length curtains are perfect for avoiding dirt and dust from building up on the floor because of their length.

You may hang the curtain rod a little higher than the window since the floor-length curtains, which are normally 96 inches long, allow you to do so. You have the opportunity to look to have a higher ceiling by employing such drapes.

What are the finest materials for curtains?

  1. Cotton

Cotton curtains are supposed to be lightweight, and sturdy. They are reputed to be perfect for both traditional and contemporary bedrooms. They are considerably simpler to maintain and don’t support as much weight as a velvet curtain.

  1. Silk

Silk drapes are renowned for having a delicate appearance and for enhancing the romantic ambiance in the bedroom. They have a reputation for being strong. Faux silk, on the other hand, is considerably less expensive, prone to fading, and unattractive. It is therefore essential to stay with high-quality cloth to preserve the elegance of your design.

  1. Textiles

A polyester curtain naturally resists mold growth and doesn’t deteriorate in sunlight as rapidly as other materials do. It is gentle on the wallet and neither stretches nor wrinkles. As a result, it is a highly popular option for those seeking a stylish yet low-maintenance item.

  1. Velvet

Velvet is a heavy, dense fabric and works asthick curtains for bedroom. It is recommended by individuals who want to increase the bedroom’s insulation while also giving it a luxurious feel. However, one drawback of adopting this fabric is that it attracts dust more easily than other textiles. Therefore, you must maintain frequent vacuuming to avoid any dust accumulation.

Consider all the options carefully before making an investment in velvet curtains because they are very pricey and require attentive upkeep and care.

Keeping Curtain Fabrics Clean:

The fabric and material you select will determine the curtain’s maintenance schedule. Even though curtains should be cleaned every two to four months, certain textiles need more attention than others.

  • Low-maintenance textiles

Choose cotton or other synthetic materials if you want curtains that can only be cleaned twice a year. They don’t need a lot of attention and may be machine or hand cleaned.

  • Fabrics that need a lot of maintenance:

Regardless of the fabric, any curtain with pleats must be dry cleaned. Wool, sheer, and silk curtains are a few examples of these materials, all of which need to be dry cleaned in order to maintain their colour and quality. Additionally, you must routinely vacuum them.


You should keep these suggestions in mind while choosing your bedroom’s curtains to make it easier to find and make the right choice. You may also use internet resources that are accessible to aid with curtain selection. Wakefit provides designer curtains online as well as tips to help you narrow down the colour, fabric, and finish that may perfectly complement your bedroom’s style and transform it into a tiny corner of heaven.



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