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Subnautica Below Zero Map Guide

To get started in Subnautica, you need to know where you can go. Sector Zero contains a number of important features that make this map useful. Among other things, you can use it to find out where the Leviathan spawn are, as well as where friendly and alien bases are located. You can also use it to find cave entrances and other interesting points of interest. Read on to learn more about this map and how you can make it more helpful to you.


The game is based on the same gameplay formula as the original Subnautica. You have to use your vehicle and modules in order to get through the ocean, and you can also find new vehicles to use in Below Zero. The first new vehicle in the game is called the Snowfox. It is a land-specific vehicle used for speeding through tundra and glaciers. However, this vehicle is only useful in a limited context and is not a particularly interesting addition.

The game’s Biomes are another important factor for enjoying the game. There are 25 of them in all. Each biome has its own special characteristics and unique landscapes. There is also a lore that goes with each biome. Below Zero is a fun game that will keep you playing even after you’ve completed it! However, if you’re worried about the difficulty of the game, you can try reading some reviews about it before purchasing it.

The biomes in Below Zero are not as varied as those in the original Subnautica. There are biomes that range from hydrothermal vents to giant lilypad forests. Some of the other biomes in the game are alien spaces and floating iceberg archipelagos. The game also has land biomes that range from harsh tundra-like environments to iceberg archipelagos. There are also Arctic Spires and canyons filled with giant spikes.


Minerals and resources are very important in Subnautica: Below Zero. You need these to advance in the game and craft machinery. The minerals and resources in Subnautica: Below Zero are not that rare and can be found in a variety of places. For example, you can find Lithium and Copper & Silver in the Spires Ore Tunnel. You can also find both Lithium and Copper & Silver in the Purple Vents Biome, so you will want to farm these once you have found them.

The ocean in Subnautica: Below Zero is huge, so finding resources can be a pain. Luckily, you can distinguish different areas with visual designs. This is especially useful if you’re building a base on an island. Otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time collecting the resources that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for some tips on how to find these resources, read on.

There are three main biomes in Subnautica: above water, underwater caves, and underwater biomes. Each biome contains a variety of resources and can be found in various places. These resources can be useful in completing tasks, establishing base systems, and discovering new areas. Some areas also contain Leviathan spawn. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure, you can find the resources on the Subnautica below zero map.

World map

In Subnautica Below Zero, the game features a variety of biomes, including the World Edge. These biomes can be entered through Lilypad Islands, the Arctic region, and Tree Spires. You can also find the Void Chelicerate here, a large gray leviathan that will attack your Seatruck if it doesn’t get enough attention. There are also some interesting creatures to face in these biomes.

A Subnautica Below Zero world map is an important resource for players. It will help you locate biomes, resources, and other important locations. This will help you build your base and find the Leviathan spawn. This world map will also allow you to navigate to areas with friendly bases and other important features. You can also use it to locate cave entrances and other important locations. After you’ve completed the tutorial, you can dive into the game’s world map to explore your newfound environment.

Unlike its predecessor, Below Zero offers a more detailed and immersive game experience. The map is smaller than Crater, but feels more satisfying to travel around. There are more caves and biomes on this map than ever before, as well as polar biomes above sea level. You can explore all of these areas to discover new resources. However, you will have to be careful when exploring new biomes and collect items, because these places are far from convenient.

Compass pips

The Subnautica below zero map compass is a piece of crafted equipment that acts as your basic navigational tool. It has cardinal direction indicators and automatically falls into paperdoll UI when equipped. To craft your own compass, you must first unlock the Pathfinder Tool in the Fabricator. After crafting your compass, you can triangulate locations. After making a compass, you can upgrade it with a compass blueprint by using the Fabricator.

Alien bases

If you’ve played the first Subnautica game, you’ll know that the world below the ocean floor is a dangerous place. However, below the sea, there’s another world you must explore: the mysterious underwater realm known as Below Zero. This game was created specifically for next-generation consoles and provides even more options for setting up your sea base. Below Zero also features a variety of new, mysterious creatures, and has more complex gameplay than the original game.

There are three main types of alien bases. The most important type of base is the Architect’s Base, which you can unlock by building it. The Architects and Anterra Corporation have their own bases, and they’re located on the planet’s bottom. In addition to Architect and Anterra Corporation bases, you can also explore the lava geysers of the ocean floor. You can also explore lava geysers, areas that spew lava and are deep inside caves. You’ll find a lot of valuable resources at these bases, such as blueprints for the Ion Battery, Ion Power Cells, and other technology.

The map in Subnautica: Below Zero has a number of important features, including Friendly Bases, Alien Artifacts, Leviathan Spawns, Geysers, PDAs, and Sea Monkey Nests. The world’s edge is also present on the map, which is helpful in identifying places above the sea. However, the game has been a popular choice for many people, and if you want to play it without cheats, this is the place to be.


There are a lot of ways to advance in Subnautica below zero. You can also find a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to beat the game. One such tip is to read the map’s databank entries. These contain a lot of information about the campaign, including missable story moments and survival tips. If you’re looking to make quick progress in the game, here are some tips:

To progress on the Subnautica Below Zero map, you should first find out where to go. The game provides a world map and coordinates of major locations. This will help you choose which areas are safe or dangerous to explore. The map also shows you the world edge and the places above sea level. Once you have done this, you can easily find other areas where you can explore or gather resources. Once you’ve gathered enough items, you can start constructing your base.

You can also find a lot of treasures in the Subnautica below Zero map. These treasures are found in the deep cracks and floor trench network. The game is set in an unknown universe and is about the aquatic life. It still has a research base zero where you can research and find useful items. If you want to explore this new area, it is recommended to travel with a friend. Just be careful when you do so.



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