SSLscom is a reputable provider of SSL certificates. SSLs are certificates that encrypt data sent between a computer and a server. You can test out SSL certificates on the SSLscom website for thirty days for free without having to put up your credit card. The certificates encrypt data sent from your computer to your server and are available for free without any strings attached. SSLscom has been in the industry for many years, so you can be confident that your information will be safe.


SAN SSL/TLS encrypts data and protects multiple domains in a single certificate. This technology encrypts data and is often more reliable than simple SSL certificates. The process of securing multiple domains with SSL begins with validation by a trusted certificate authority. This validation process includes verification of the name of the organization and physical address. It may be necessary to verify other information to complete a multi-domain SSL certificate.

Multi-domain certificates are commonly associated with SAN certificates, and they allow issuers to associate multiple domains with a single certificate. These certificates are typically marketed as “special” certificates and priced differently than standard ones. While there are no restrictions on the number of domains that can be associated with a SAN extension, host names must be syntactically valid. Additional restrictions may be imposed by the certificate authority.

Exchange Server Certificates

If you want to use SSLscom and Exchange Server Certificates to secure your email, you will need to add a certificate to the server that handles your email. You can import certificates from a wide variety of sources, including Verisign, Godaddy, and DigiCert. You can create a CSR by clicking the button below. You can then import the certificate, including intermediate certificates if you need to.

The certificate for an IIS server should contain the DNS name that the SMTP client and server use. For the SMTP service, the certificate must have the same DNS name for both the server and the client. In addition, all exchange services should have an SSL certificate, which prevents third-party eavesdropping of ongoing communications. The certificate will be compatible with the ActiveSync application, which syncs data between mobile devices and desktop PCs. This helps a user backup data to mobile devices and transfer it from one computer to another.

Unified Communications Certificates

The UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) is an early version of today’s multi-domain SSL certificates. It includes the name of every website hosted on a single IP address and the desired domain name. The UCC is a common way to protect a number of websites, including office communications and Microsoft Exchange servers. Its use is not restricted to any single platform, and it can protect up to 100 domains simultaneously.

The Unified Communication SSL Certificate is built to secure multiple fully qualified domains under a single certificate authority. Because of the high level of security provided by this certificate, it is a cost-effective way to secure multiple domains. UC certificates are available with both DV and OV SSL options. They support 2048-bit signatures and 256-bit encryption. For more information, read our UC SSL Comparison.


An UCC SSL certificate is issued in the same way as a multi-domain certificate. The primary domain is listed as the fully qualified domain name, while any additional domains are listed in the SAN field. A single UCC SSL certificate can protect up to 250 domains, and most come with two or four SANs included, although you can purchase more as needed. A UCC SSL certificate will help protect non-www domains, too, and is especially useful if you are planning on offering secure services to international customers.

With UCC SSL, you can secure more than one domain, including sub-domains and host names. This certificate is ideal for businesses with multiple lines of business. It is easy to renew it and saves you time and money by only needing to renew the certificate once. UCC SSL certificates from SSL2BUY also come with unlimited server licenses, reissues, and 256-bit encryption. This type of certificate is suitable for both non-profits and commercial enterprises.



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