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Small Business Resources and Tips

If you want to run a small business on a shoestring budget, you can use these Small Business Resources and Tips. You can also check out the services offered by the Small-Business Administration and SCORE, a service corps of former executives. Both are free and taxpayer-funded resources. Many small-business owners think they can do everything on their own, but they often need help along the way. Fortunately, someone has already come up with a good solution for your problem. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you can find the resources you need.

Start with free resources

If you’re working on your business plan, the US Small Business Administration offers free business resources. These resources range from granting opportunities and business plan worksheets to articles. Besides helping you develop your business plan, the SBA also offers free counseling and loans for your business. Some of these resources can be helpful in getting started, and some of them can be very valuable to you later down the road. If you’re looking for funding or other assistance for your new business, check out the following resources.

Podcasts are another good option for small business owners

Breaking Down Your Business is an interesting podcast with 20-minute episodes that focus on “5 Things to Learn” and “useful tools” for running a small business. Barry Moltz’s show, Business Insanity Talk Radio, is another great source for small business tips. The episodes dive into topics such as the global economy, entertainment, and new technology.

Lastly, Gmail is a great resource for entrepreneurs. Gmail is a free tool with 15 gigabytes of space and is ingrained with Google’s business features. You can label your email inbox, prioritize your inbox, and send pre-written responses to common questions. There are also several free small business templates and tools to help you create a business plan. Using these resources can help you grow your business and improve your profits.

Google Mail is one of the best free resources for small businesses

You can sign up for Gmail for free and enjoy 15 gigabytes of storage. You can label your emails and use filters to prioritize what’s important. With a Google account, you can also create lists of contacts to help you market and contact your clients. You can also make lists of potential customers to help you track their online purchases. When you need to stay organized and keep track of all your emails, small business tips and tricks can help you make it easier.

The US Small Business Administration’s website is full of free resources for small-business owners

There are articles, reports, and studies that can help you start your own business. You can also get a free business plan worksheet. The US Small-Business Administration’s website has a comprehensive list of small-business resources. There is even a section for entrepreneurs to submit their business plans. If you have a business that needs help, the US Small-Business Administration is a great place to start.



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