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Roberto Zinone Net Worth – Is He Married?

Roberto Zincone is a famous Italian drummer who has made his presence felt on stage and on screen. In addition to being a drummer, he is also a successful film producer and has two movie credits to his name. His net worth is estimated to be around $600 thousand. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Zincone’s personal life and career. We’ll also tell you if he’s married.

Roberto Zincone is an Italian drummer

The ex-husband of model and actress Malin Akerman, Roberto Zincone has announced his separation from Akerman. They were married for six years and have a son, Sebastian, together. Roberto Zincone is an Italian drummer who has been associated with bands such as The Petalstones. In addition to his musical talents, he is an actor and has starred in two feature films.

In 2003, Roberto met the American singer Malin Akerman while serving as a drummer with the band The Pedalstones. Though he did not speak fluent English, Malin helped him communicate in English. The two fell in love and eventually tied the knot in Sorrento, Italy. The couple got engaged in 2005. Since then, they have been living happily ever after. Malin is a singer and Roberto plays drums in a number of bands.

Apart from his musical career, Roberto Zincone is also an actor. His ex-wife Malin Akerman also works as a drummer. Zincone was married to Akerman in 2007. However, his age is still unknown. His nationality is also under scrutiny. He was born and raised in Italy. Zincone has no children of his own. However, his ex-wife Malin Akerman is the mother of his two sons.

He has two movie credits

Roberto Zinone has two movie credits. He played the drummer in the movie “Bye Bye Sally” in 2009. In 2013, he appeared in the movie “Wanderlust” as a drummer in the band, The Elysium Band. He has also appeared in several TV shows and starred in two feature films. The first one, “Bye Bye Sally,” was a hit in Italy.

He is single

The Italian singer, songwriter, and actor, Roberto Zinone, is currently single. Zinone’s divorce from Malin Akerman was finalized on November 13, 2017. Though the two were still married, they separated in the end. He later married actress Jack Donnelly, but did not reveal his relationship status. Roberto has not revealed any family details. He has not revealed about his dating life or where he plans to spend his free time.

The Italian singer, songwriter, and actor is currently single and has not been in a relationship for the past few years. His previous marriage ended in 2008, but he is still actively single. In the past, he was married to Malin Akerman, a Swedish actress, model, and producer. The two met while performing as members of the band Pedalstones. They later tied the knot on June 20, 2007.

He was married to Malin Akerman

Actress Malin Akerman and musician Roberto Zinone have announced their separation, just weeks after their marriage ended. The couple married in 2007 and welcomed a son Sebastian in April. Roberto was a drummer in the band the Pedalstones and played drums for Malin’s band, The Petalstones. The couple split after six years of marriage. Their son Sebastian is now seven months old.

The couple met in 2003, when the former was a member of the band The Petalstone, and she was an actress and model. Malin was initially shy and did not speak proper English, so they communicated via a dictionary. However, the two were able to meet and fell in love. After two years of dating, Roberto proposed to Akerman with a golden ring, and the two tied the knot in Sorrento, Italy.

Despite his success in the music industry, Zincone has a modest personal life. He is married to actress Malin Akerman and has a son named Sebastian. Zincone also plays the drums in the band Ashdown. He is a musician and has appeared in a few feature films. Malin Akerman and Zincone were married for six years. In 2013, he filed for divorce.

He is a drummer

Roberto Zinone is an American drummer, who has played for several popular bands, including the Petalstones and Ashdown. He is also a featured actor in two films and has played drums for rock band The Petalstones. His age and ethnicity have not been publicly disclosed. The drummer is a part-time member of the New York Philharmonic. He is married to actress Malin Akerman.

A musician’s total assets can vary, from $1 million to $5 million. The total assets of a drummer can be attributed to his income from concerts, song releases, and other activities. The average annual pay for a drummer can range anywhere from $19.5 thousand to $66.4 thousand. The total assets of a musician like Roberto Zincone are not publicized. Despite earning a considerable amount of money, he prefers to live a simple life.

Zincone is a father of one child, Sebastian. He and Malin met when they were both playing in alt-rock bands. They fell in love and married after two years of dating. Their marriage was in June 2007. Zincone’s ex-wife, Malin Akerman, is a model, actress, and producer. The couple met in 2003, when they both were in the band The Pedalstones. They married on June 20, 2007.

He is an actor

Roberto Zinone is an actor who primarily appears in television shows, but he is also an active musician. He is the drummer of the band The Pedalstones and is also the ex-husband of actress Malin Akerman. He has also acted in two films. He is known for being versatile, creative, adventurous, and honest. In a SiriusXM interview, Tom Arnold was asked about his relationship with Akerman, and he responded by claiming that the actress would not date him if she was single.

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