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Rebecca Soteros – Former Girlfriend of Paul Walker

The name Rebecca Soteros has been around for some time but has never gotten much attention from a publisher. Only a few dailies have featured her. However, that hasn’t stopped her from gaining fans and achieving fame in the writing world. This is despite the fact that she has been nicknamed by a variety of people. Born in 1974, Rebecca Soteros is the daughter of Mark Soteros and Julie Ann Soteros.

She is not married

The former girlfriend of Paul Walker has not been married. The two have one child together. It is not known whether Rebecca is married or not. She was born in 1974. Her parents are Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. She has one sibling, Joshua. She is a Christian. So, is Rebecca Soteros married? Well, that is not known. Despite her fame and popularity, she is not married.

Although Rebecca Soteros is not married, she is still a single mother to Meadow, her daughter. She raised Meadow by herself until she was 13 years old, when she gave her to her biological father, Paul Walker. It is also unknown if Soteros has ever had an affair. Moreover, it is unclear whether she was married when she gave birth to Meadow. However, her relationship with Paul was strained due to the fact that she had a drinking problem. In the meantime, she gave her daughter to her ex-partner Paul Walker. After the birth of Meadow, Soteros devoted herself to the Paul Walker Foundation.

Soteros and Walker started dating in 1997, and shortly after that they became pregnant. Meadow Rain Walker was born on November 4, 1998. The couple lived in Hawaii until Meadow reached her pre-teen years. She and Paul split after a few months of dating, but she chose to stay with her daughter. After a few years, Soteros returned to California with Meadow, and the two remained friends.

It is known that Rebecca Soteros was the ex-girlfriend of the late Paul Walker. Paul Walker was an actor, and Soteros was his girlfriend. She gave birth to Meadow in 1998. They later divorced, and Rebecca Soteros and Walker reunited after Paul’s death. Both of them have settled their issues. Soteros is now living with her daughter in California.

She has 2 DUIs on her record

While Rebecca Soteros has 2 DUIs, she is still able to live a quiet life away from the spotlight. The actress lives in Hawaii and grew up with her mother. She moved away from her mother as her drinking problem grew and lived with her dad and girlfriend. She is 45 years old and has two DUIs on her record. The alleged DUIs are not in any way related to her relationship with Walker.

Soteros graduated from high school and worked as a teacher in Hawaii. She was pregnant with her daughter, Meadow, when Walker asked her to leave the relationship. However, the alleged DUIs were a mistake, and she had to leave the relationship with Walker. She was a good mother to Meadow, and she also worked in Hawaii after her arrest. Soteros was charged with Bewahrungstrafe, but has since gotten a DUI dismissal.

Soteros was born in 1974. She was raised with her younger brother Joshua. She went on to graduate from Village Christian School and studied secondary education. She later got married to Paul Walker and had a daughter. She has two DUIs on her record. Fortunately, both were minor infractions, and the charges were dropped when she moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend. A court hearing was scheduled for May 2 in Hawaii, and she pleaded guilty to one of them.

Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros, has a long and troubled history of drunk driving. In 2004, she had a drunken driving accident and subsequently received two DUIs. She later received probation and has to repay the fines and lost her job. Luckily, Paul Walker’s daughter is in good hands. Sadly, Rebecca Soteros had two DUIs on her record.

She is a former school teacher

Rebecca Soteros is a former School Teacher. She was born in 1974 and completed her schooling in 1992. After graduating from University of California, she started a career in education. She does not have any siblings. Rebecca is the daughter of Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. Her parents have one son, Joshua. Her father passed away in 2004. The rest of her family is unknown.

Soteros and Walker were together for six years until Walker resigned from the school as a result of alcohol abuse. However, Soteros and Walker never got married. Instead, she was named as his personal representative in a guardianship proceeding. Soteros agreed to go to rehab in exchange for the dismissal of the petition. They later moved to Hawaii. However, their relationship was not a happy one.

Rebecca Soteros is a former elementary school teacher. She was the ex-girlfriend of late action-hero Paul Walker. They had a daughter together, Meadow Rain Walker. They later divorced. Soteros’s daughter was born in 2002. Soteros had a brief relationship with Paul Walker after the actor left her family. It was a love triangle, but Soteros eventually got back together with Walker.

Soteros’ net worth is estimated at $15 million as of 2021. This net worth comes from her long career as a teacher and servicewoman. She has a daughter named Meadow Rain Walker who runs the Paul Walker Foundation. Soteros is currently living in California. In fact, the estimated net worth of Rebecca Soteros is around $15 million. If you’re wondering how she makes that much money, don’t fret! This former school teacher has more than enough money to live a life that you’d like.

She is a servicewoman

Rebecca Soteros is an American citizen and a former School Teacher. She attended the University of California and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Soteros was born in 1944. She grew up in the United States and is the daughter of Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. Her parents are from California, but she is of Greek descent. She has a brother named Joshua. She is not married.

During her time in the United States, Soteros studied at a local college and then moved to California to live with her father. She married actor Louis Thornton-Allan in a private ceremony, but she prefers to live away from the media spotlight. Soteros’ first career was as a teacher in Hawaii. She also later partnered with race car driver Roger Rodas in an event called Reach Out Worldwide.

Aside from being a retired school teacher, Soteros is also a servicewoman. She was the ex-girlfriend of late actor Paul Walker. Her height is five feet, five inches, and she weighs around 55 kilograms. Soteros has a degree in education from the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated from the Village Christian School in 1992. She worked as a school teacher in Hawaii until her relationship with Paul Walker.

Soteros is currently employed as a servicewoman in a private firm in California. Paul Walker had an estimated net worth of $25 million at the time of his death. Although Soteros has not won any awards yet, she prefers to avoid the media. She has dark brown hair and hazel-colored eyes. Soteros’ net worth will probably rise in the coming years. She has a daughter named Hannah Walker, and she plans to use her wealth to start a family.

She is the mother of Paul Walker’s only child

According to reports, the actress was once engaged to actor Paul Walker. The two began dating in 1998. Soteros graduated from high school in 1992 and attended college. The couple dated for three years, but only married after graduating from college. When they were engaged, Rebecca Soteros expected to marry Paul Walker, but Walker opted not to propose, believing that she was too young to be married.

She was born in 1974. She lost her mother, Julie Ann, when she was still a teenager. She later married actor Mark Soteros, who had been her boyfriend since 1994. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and started working as a teacher. In 1998, she met Paul, who was already pursuing a television career. She wanted to marry him, but he declined because of his immaturity at the time.

After the incident, Cheryl Ann Walker agreed to give Rebecca Soteros custody of their daughter, Meadow. She was even willing to undergo alcohol rehab for one year. After her stint in rehab, she and Meadow remained close. Rebecca remained committed to her daughter and remained close to each other, even after the divorce. If she wants to keep her daughter, she should not be afraid to take care of her.

Soteros’s relationship with Paul Walker ended abruptly in November 1998. It is unknown if they remained friends. Paul Walker didn’t commit to the relationship, and he and Soteros parted ways. After the separation, Soteros moved to Hawaii with her daughter. Her reason for moving to Hawaii is unknown. However, it is possible that she might have a role in the Paul Walker Foundation.

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