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Reaves Law Firm – Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

Reaves Law Firm is one of the most diverse personal injury law firms in Memphis, Tennessee, with nearly 50% female and minority members. They offer comprehensive services to their clients. If you have been a victim of a negligent driver, Reaves Law Firm can help you. They are highly experienced personal injury and auto accident attorneys who serve the residents of Memphis and surrounding areas.

Lessons learned from Reaves Law Firm’s personal injury lawyer

After serving in the Air Force, Reaves III found his passion for law. While growing up, he enjoyed watching shows such as Perry Mason and Matlock with his grandmother. After earning his honorable discharge, he pursued his dream of becoming a lawyer. While studying at Indiana University School of Law, he realized his love for trial work. He participated in moot court and extended his internship in the Indianapolis prosecutor’s office. He also clerked for Judge Carr Darden of the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Reaves Law Firm’s commitment to helping victims of negligent drivers

Many victims of truck accidents suffer life-altering injuries, some of which do not allow them to return to work. They may require years of medical care, including physical therapy and surgeries. Even if the victims can eventually return to work, they may have a hard time moving around or driving. These injuries may also result in financial problems that make it impossible for them to make ends meet.



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