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Pendant of the Nymph Chapter 70

Describe the pendant of the nymph, and discuss its purpose, Symbolism and final thoughts.


During this time, Bayul meets a new friend named Meg. She is a new kid at school and suffers from a chronic illness. She finds out more about her past and learns about her father, a famous war hero. She joins a steadfast group of friends at Carringston Academy. She has to keep herself busy because of her illness, but she is still able to learn about her family.

At the same time, she learns that she is related to a mysterious woman called Xia. She also gets to know that a secret organization called the Golden Dragon Society is protecting the world.

Final thoughts

Those who have been following the Pendant of the Nymph manga know that it’s a series that’s set in a world of Angeloids. The series’ main characters are Nymph and Ikaros, two female Angeloids. While they don’t share the same physical appearance, they both have an ability to upload data. This ability allows them to upgrade the weapons of other Angeloids, as well as repair broken systems. Pendant of the Nymph Chapter 70

Nymph’s main goal in the series is to defeat Zeus. However, her mission is thwarted by Tomoki. When she discovers that Ikaros is looking for her, she sets off on a quest to find him. However, her mission is complicated by the fact that Tomoki has become friends with Ikaros, and she is unwilling to leave him.

Nymph is also sadistic and sometimes spiteful toward other creatures. Her twin pigtails and ultramarine eyes give her a unique look. She also possesses extreme intelligence, which is inherited from her father Daedalus. In addition to her skills as a hacker, she also excels in stealth. However, she can also be condescending toward humans, which causes her to feel uncomfortable asking Tomoki for help.

In the end, it’s up to Nymph to save Ikaros, which she does through a series of elaborate hacks. This process includes redoing the imprinting process that she had used with Minos to activate the bomb inside her collar. After her efforts fail, the bomb will explode. However, she has only a few days to go, and she decides to enjoy them before she departs. This is a good reason why she was spared the fate of her friends. However, her actions were reprehensible, and she has no remorse for her actions.

It is worth noting that Nymph has a different build than her sisters, with longer blue hair and powder blue eyebrows. She also has a powerful energy blast, and the Harpies find it a twisted pleasure to attack her. However, they are able to escape with minor energy burns.

In addition to the abilities mentioned above, Nymph also has a sense of humor. She likes to wear Hina’s clothes and eat junk food. She is also sadistic towards lower beings, though she usually has no regrets for her actions. She also has an affinity for Tomoki, which makes her feel guilty whenever she leaves him for Ikaros.



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