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My Divorced Crying Neighbour Chapter 43

Heal the Cutie: Ochiai’s self-worth and confidence are at rock bottom

Throughout the story, there are many characters, but the two main characters are Sawatari and Ochiai. The former is a divorced boy who is working as an office worker, while the latter is Ochiai’s sempai at the Karasuma job. Ochiai is a timid and shy girl, and she doesn’t have much self-worth at first. But Sawatari helps her rebuild her confidence. Eventually, she confesses her love to him. In fact, their relationship is confirmed in Chapter 52. This is one of the most touching scenes in the manga. My Divorced Crying Neighbour Chapter 43

Sawatari and Ochiai meet at a restaurant, where they start to date. Ochiai is shy and timid, and she is the type of girl who gets tongue-tied easily. However, Ochiai starts to develop a crush on Sawatari, which leads to her confessing her love to him. The two have a romantic relationship, and they eventually move in together.

The two characters are not the only ones to develop feelings for one another. Sawatari’s sister also starts shipping Ochiai at their first meeting. When Sawatari sees Ochiai, he is delighted. Ochiai has a sweet face, but she is also shy and timid. In fact, Ochiai has a low self-worth and is easily devastated. She says that her former husband never complimented her. However, Sawatari is a great listener and is supportive of her. The two start dating in Chapter 26.

The two characters start dating after they have been friends for a while. Ochiai finds Sawatari to be the best person around, and he supports her when she’s prone to tears. In fact, Sawatari is the only one who can comfort Ochiai and make her feel safe. Ochiai has a very dark past, and her former husband is a drunk molester. However, Sawatari defends Ochiai when she’s abused by the drunk molester. In addition, Sawatari is a good listener, which makes it easier for Ochiai to open up to him. As a result, Sawatari helps Ochiai to overcome her divorce, and she is finally able to begin her life with confidence.

Ochiai also has a very peculiar iris. It looks like it’s spiral-shaped, which makes it a lot more unique than the other characters’ irises. In addition, it has small holes, which makes it very difficult for the thief to tear it off. Ochiai has been known to get steamy with Sawatari, and it’s a fact that they often get “Male Gaze” from each other. Besides the fact that Ochiai has very low self-worth, she also has a very dark past.

As the story progresses, Sawatari helps Ochiai get over her divorce, and becomes her support system as she gets better at her job. Ochiai eventually finds happiness, and she helps Sawatari become the best office worker around.



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