Media Take Out is a blog-style website specializing in celebrity and entertainment news. The site was founded in 2006 by Fred Mwangaguhunga and has since become one of the most popular urban websites. Its focus is on celebrities, African-American subjects, and entertainment. The site has grown to 14 million unique visitors a day. It has been ranked as the most popular urban website in the world. However, the site is not all about celebrity news.

14 million page views a day

Fred Mwangaguhunga is the owner of Mediatakeout, a celebrity news site that targets mostly African celebrities. His website boasts about 14 million page views a day. He founded Mediatakeout in 2006 and has seen its popularity grow to global level in just 6 months. He has paid less than six hundred dollars to start the site, and he is credited with building the brand that allows him to command high advertising rates and attract key sources, thereby generating revenue through advertisements.

Fred Mwangaguhunga was a lawyer before launching Mediatakeout. He became popular globally after he revealed several high-profile stories, but chose to remain mum on many others. The company plans to expand its reach into other media outlets, including TV and radio. The company already has its own reality dating show on its website. This success is a testament to the power of the internet.

Fred Mwangaguhunga founded the website in 2006

MediaTakeOut is a news site that reports on the latest black celebrity gossip. The site, founded in 2006 by Fred Mwangaguhunga, claims to have over 15 million monthly visitors and reaches 92 percent of the Black population. Its content draws an audience of diverse demographics, including Blacks who are increasingly moving into lower-profile neighborhoods. As a result, mediaTakeOut has received more attention from news directors and owners.

Before launching the site, Mwangaguhunga worked as a laundry service, serving celebrities in the area. After selling his laundry service, he went into the blogging world, identifying a huge gap in the industry and filling it with celebrity gossip. Today, his website is featured in top national publications. The site earns its money by serving ads on its website. Mwangaguhunga has significantly increased his net worth since launching the site.

Born in Queens, New York, Mwangaguhunga earned a J.D. from Columbia University. While working as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, he pursued his entrepreneurial interest. He created an online laundry service called LaundrySpa.com that allowed clients to choose their own pickup times and fragrances. Mwangaguhunga has since sold LaundrySpa to Fortune 500 companies, resulting in significant profits.

While the website is not as popular as other sites, it does reach nearly ninety percent of African-Americans and draws 30 million unique visitors per month. Its storylines are constantly shifting, but the product is as sturdy as dirt. Fred Mwangaguhunga is the founder of MediaTakeOut. He has earned over $1 million for his efforts and a few million visitors per day.

It caters to a different demographic than typical celebrity news sites

In 2006, Fred Mwangaguhunga founded Mediatakeout, a celebrity news site for African Americans. It now boasts millions of daily visitors and generates a considerable amount of revenue from advertisements. Mediatakeout is based in Kenya and attracts a distinct demographic from the typical celebrity news sites. While this makes its content more interesting and varied, Fred also points out that their audience consists of different races and sex.

MediaTakeout is a blog-style gossip site that caters to a completely different demographic than your typical celebrity news site. It covers news about black celebrities and African-American culture. There are various subscription packages available, which ensure exclusive content for their subscribers. Some of the benefits of joining the site are:

MediaTakeOut’s focus on urban celebrity news has helped it become one of the most popular celebrity news websites. It regularly generates over 10 million page views a month and is considered an authority in the industry. The site also focuses on breaking celebrity stories and publishes pictures and links to sexually explicit photos. While the content of the site may be slightly skewed, it has a reputation for delivering news with a distinctive twist and a humorous tone.

Mediatakeout is not only popular with celebrity fans but is black-owned. It is becoming a very popular social media site, with over a million followers, and has already become a leading source of celebrity gossip. It also features news and video of black celebrities. While these aren’t necessarily the most authentic sources of news, Mediatakeout has been the source of many powerful stories and has been the first to break numerous stories.

It plans to expand into TV and radio

Fred Mwangaguhunga, the founder of Mediatakeout, is a blogger who has made it a point to cover celebrity news in an entertaining manner. After establishing himself as an entrepreneur in the online laundry industry, Mwangaguhunga transitioned to the world of online advertising. He eventually switched his focus to blogging and launched the site Mediatakeout, based on celebrity news and gossip. Today, the website boasts of millions of monthly visitors.

The site has an original dating show that airs from its home page every week. It plans to expand into radio and television in the near future. This company has already produced a dating show that is available for free on its website. The goal is to have several shows available for viewers every day. While this is a big step, it is not out of the question to expand into radio and TV. After all, they have already developed a dating show based on real events.

While some of their content may seem unrelated to current events, the headlines are designed to draw readers to read on. The Mediatakeout headlines are often sensational and get as much attention as the content itself. The site has broken numerous high-profile stories, including Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy and the Michael Jordan divorce. With the popularity of their articles, Mediatakeout plans to expand into other media, including television and radio.



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