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Lylas Dream Bakery and MADE by Lia

Those who have heard about Lylas Dream Bakery will know that the story is about a girl who has been suffering from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). In order to help pay for her treatment, a new bakery has opened to raise money for Lyla. It is called the Made by Lia bakery, and you can find out more about it in this article.

Lyla suffers from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

Having a kid with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) can be a difficult time. A child with CRPS can be in constant pain and may have a hard time putting weight on their leg. They can also experience sensory changes such as skin discoloration.

Lyla McCarty’s condition began in February. Her parents, Heather and Derek, noticed that she was having a hard time putting weight on her left leg. They decided to take her to a pediatrician. The doctor did an evaluation and diagnosed her with CRPS.

The doctor told the McCartys that they needed to see a specialist, but the family couldn’t afford it. They were given a referral to a specialized program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. They were scheduled to meet with a team of doctors and a pain psychologist.

A social media influencer heard about Lyla’s condition and helped the McCartys raise $150,000 in GoFundMe. The Dream Machine Foundation, which has helped people around the world achieve their dreams, is helping Lyla’s family raise money to pay for her medical treatment.

Charlie Rocket helped make Lyla’s dream bakery a reality

During his first Dream Machine tour, Charlie Rocket (aka Charlie Jabaley) did a few small things to help people along the way. Among them, he purchased a tour bus and assembled a team of like-minded individuals. He also travelled the country in it, visiting the homes of the unfortunate and the fortunate. He also figured out how to best utilize social media for good, like his popular TikTok videos, which has earned him an impressive 7 million followers.

In particular, he did the right thing by putting Lyla McCarty in charge of his bakery. Not only is she a talented baker, but she’s also a 10 year old girl with a rare nerve disease known as complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS for short. Not only does CRPS have no cure, it’s also expensive. As of now, her family is relying on fundraisers to help pay for her treatment.

Aside from her own bake sale, Rocket’s dream team stopped by her house and arranged for her to take over his bakery for the day. It’s no secret that he’s a foodie and baker himself, and he’s not averse to baking for a living, but his passion goes beyond the oven.

Made by Lia bakery raises money for Lyla’s treatment

Earlier this year, a new bakery, MADE by Lia, opened in Old Town Florissant, Missouri. The bakery specializes in cupcakes, French macarons and gooey butter cakes. But it’s more than just a cake shop. It’s also part of an effort to raise money for 10-year-old Lyla McCarty’s pain treatment.

The bakery is owned by TLC’s Next Great Baker winner Lia Weber. Her daughter, Lyla, has a rare condition called complex regional pain syndrome. In February, Lyla was diagnosed with the disorder, which causes excruciating pain in her leg. It’s described as more painful than childbirth. In addition, there is no known cure.

Lyla, who is the daughter of a special education teacher and a hot dog shop owner, is struggling to afford her medical treatment. After being denied treatment at a pediatric pain rehabilitation center, her family set up a GoFundMe page. The page raised over $100K for Lyla’s treatment, but the family was only halfway there.

Is Lylas Dream Bakery com legit or a scam?

Earlier this year, a new fundraising website called Lylas Dream Bakery was launched by a popular influencer, Charlie Rocket. This website was created to raise money to help a ten-year-old girl, Lyla McCarty, treat a rare disease called CRPS. Sadly, Lyla’s treatments have been declined by her insurance company. However, the website offers people the chance to make a donation and support Lyla’s dream of owning a bakery.

According to the official Instagram page of the Dream Machine Foundation, a non-profit organization, numerous people are responding to Lyla’s cause. Many are coming forward to donate money and help her get the treatment she needs.

In addition to donating money, people can also buy cookies from the website. There are two different sizes of cookie boxes for sale. Those who purchase the cookies will be able to support Lyla’s dream of owning her own bakery. Those who donate money will also be sent a handwritten thank you letter.



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