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Laney Hayes’ 7th Child, Oakleigh Klover, Died of a Urinary Rupture

The seventh child born to Laney and Walker Hayes, Oakleigh Klover, has died of a uterine rupture. Her parents were in the business of making records for the country music industry, but Laney is now solely responsible for caring for her daughter. Hayes had moved to Nashville from Alabama to pursue her dreams as a singer songwriter. She signed a record deal with Capitol Records, but when that deal fell through, she struggled to make ends meet. After the relapse of the record deal, she landed a job at Costco to support her family. She is now the sole parent of Oakleigh and her two daughters while her husband is on the road. In early 2017, Laney opened for country music star Kelsea Ballerini.

Walker Hayes’ seventh child died after uterine rupture

The country star recently suffered a devastating uterine rupture during the delivery of his seventh child. Laney Hayes, Walker’s wife, was due to give birth to their seventh child on June 6, but began experiencing contractions that were so intense that she went into labor prematurely. While the midwife was monitoring Laney, her heartbeat suddenly stopped, and her contractions were so intense that she was unable to push her baby out. Laney was rushed to the hospital, where she was informed that her baby was dead.

Following the birth of his seventh child, Walker Hayes was devastated when the nurse informed him that the newborn would not survive. The nurse also said his wife’s life was in danger. Fortunately, the surgical team was able to save Laney after two hours of surgery. The baby had a uterine rupture, which is caused by a tear in the wall of the uterus. The lack of blood flow caused the baby to suffocate.

Afterward, Laney Hayes and Walker Hayes shared their grief. After the birth, Laney and Walker went on to reconcile their lives. Despite his loss, the couple still stay close to each other. They are both in the process of healing and sharing their grief. Laney has been supportive of her husband and has made it clear that she loves him dearly. While the couple are grieving, they haven’t given up hope.

Laney had experienced six previous childbirths before the eighth and final baby was born. However, she suddenly began experiencing symptoms that were alarming and sent her to the hospital. After an emergency surgery, Laney’s seventh child was born stillborn. Her husband was unable to save the newborn and the couple was left with grief. The death of his seventh child has changed the lives of many parents, and the couple hopes to keep their family together.

Baby’s name: Oakleigh Klover Hayes

The birth of their seventh child, Oakleigh Klover, was a devastating event for the Hayes family. Oakleigh was scheduled to be born on June 6 and the couple announced the news on social media. In the days following the birth, the couple cancelled their upcoming performances, including the 2018 CMT Music Awards on Wednesday and the CMA Music Festival on Sunday. The news broke their hearts, and they spoke openly about the tragic loss of their first child.

Hayes’ first son, Chapel, was born in 2008 and is relatively unknown in the media. Although Chapel is not widely known, it is important to note that the couple had written a song about their daughter. “Chapel” is on the album 8Track. It is a heartbreaking song about the loss of a child. Although the song has no lyrics, the lyric is moving and has become a hit for Hayes.

Despite the tragic circumstances, the Hayes family has moved on from the tragedy. They plan to have one more child in the future, but the couple’s plans have changed dramatically. Laney and Oakleigh’s 12-year-old daughter Lela have joined the family as they grieve their daughter’s death. Laney and Oakleigh’s four other children grew up to be successful and happy. They love dancing and listening to their father’s songs.

Laney Hayes’ wife was not at the hospital when her daughter was born. The obstetrician told her that the baby would not have survived if her uterus ruptured. However, Laney and her husband reassured each other that their daughter would not have died. Afterwards, the couple spent the rest of the day with the newborn’s body and was consoled by a stranger who had lost her own infant two years prior.

Cause of death: Uterine rupture

Walker Hayes, a singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, had his seventh child, Oakleigh, in June when she suffered a uterine tear. Although uterine tears are extremely rare, they can be devastating for both the mother and child. Laney was experiencing intense contractions when she went into labor, but wasn’t aware that the tear was causing the uterus to rupture. When the tears were discovered, the baby was expelled into the mother’s abdominal cavity and was deprived of blood flow.

Laney went into labor two days early and was being monitored by a midwife. During the emergency C-section, Laney’s uterus ruptured, denying Oakleigh Klover oxygen and causing massive internal bleeding. Laney and Craig spent the day with her dead daughter, which left them both confused and in tears. The couple were later informed that Oakleigh had died as a result of the rupture.

Although uterine rupture is a rare cause of death for women in their first pregnancy, it is a serious problem. Women who have had a cesarean section or multiple previous C-sections are at increased risk of uterine rupture, due to the scar tissue present at the point of incision. As a result, they are not able to perform vaginal deliveries in the future.

After the tragic loss of their newborn, Hayes took a break from performing and focused on healing with his family. His wife Laney shared with People Magazine their story of the death of their daughter. Laney had experienced uterine rupture during labor and had to undergo a C-section at the hospital nearby. Unfortunately, Oakleigh Klover was not able to survive the traumatic delivery, and the couple are still grieving.

Mother: Laney Hayes

In 2017, Walker Hayes blew up on the charts with his hit single, “You Broke Up With Me.” The singer and his wife now have a net worth of $16 million, but their hearts were broken when Laney Beville Hayes suffered a ruptured uterus while giving birth to their daughter, Oakleigh Klover. Hayes, who has since recovered physically, has been a rock for the couple ever since.

After the death of Oakleigh, Walker and Laney took time to grieve. After Oakleigh died, they decided to adopt another puppy. The children were required to walk Magnolia each day for eight weeks. Then, they adopted Hazel. After Oakleigh’s death, Walker and Laney reunited and married in 2004. They have been married for 17 years. In their recent interview with People Magazine, the couple reflected on their relationship.

A midwife called 911 and the couple was immediately rushed to a hospital. Doctors soon discovered that the uterus had ruptured, depriving the child of blood. While the parents were relieved that they didn’t lose their child, Laney and her family are still in the early stages of grief. Laney’s six children each took the news in different ways. During the grief process, she resorted to singing. She finds comfort in family and in performing, and she feels the best when she is with her children. Unfortunately, due to the rupture, she is unable to have more children.

Despite the grief and sadness that Oakleigh’s loss left their family devastated, the two remained strong and are working hard to rebuild their family. Their current music video, “Don’t Let Her” features their family as the focus. The song “Don’t Let Her Down,” is a lyric that captures the pain of the Hayes family. They are now a model for hope for others in a similar situation.

Father: Charles Edgar Hayes

Charles Edgar and Laney Hayes are the parents of a young girl named Oakleigh Klover. The couple almost lost their seventh child, but it was a girl. The child was born in June 2018, but she died after the uterus ruptured. Hayes was devastated by the loss of his daughter, and expressed his gratitude for the support he received from his family and friends. He even got a tattoo of his late daughter’s footprint. After the loss of his child, he wrote a song called “Don’t Let Her.”

Laney Hayes is a singer and songwriter. Her mother Laney Hayes, a former model, gave birth to six children with her husband, who was a successful model. Laney Hayes also has three other children, ranging in age from two to eleven. However, Laney Hayes has canceled all of her upcoming appearances.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Hayes attended St. Paul’s Episcopal School before enrolling in Birmingham Southern College. He majored in music while at college. He and his wife, Lainey, moved to Nashville in 2005 in search of opportunities to make a name for themselves as country music singers. Hayes found a job as a songwriter at a Nashville publishing house and a record deal with Mercury Records Nashville, which ended up not being a success.

After achieving success in Nashville, Walker Hayes got married to Laney Beville. He has three daughters and one son. He has tattooed Oakleigh’s footprints and birthplace on his chest. After the birth of his daughter, Laney had two more kids with Walker. One of them died just hours after birth. The couple moved to Nashville in 2005 and Walker has been raising six kids with Laney.



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