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Krakow Salt Mines

Krakow is a city that is visited by tourists in large numbers. No wonder, after all, it is the second largest city in Poland, which was once the capital and seat of Kings. It is a very historical place, there are many monuments that are almost symbols of our country. Besides, Cracow is atmospheric, so it is very easy to fall in love with it. Here you can see the Wawel Castle, Kazimierz, go to the Cellar under the Rams, the theater and much, much more. And if the attractions are still not enough for us, it is worth going to the vicinity of this city to visit the Wieliczka salt mine. This is another interesting place worth putting on the list.

Wieliczka salt mine

It’s worth noting that the salt mine is located in Wieliczka, although many think it’s a Krakow Salt Mines. The site itself is interesting insofar as it is assumed to be the oldest monument of its kind in our country. After all, the activity of this mine began as early as the 13th century AD. Thus, these are long centuries of activity. What’s more, just because it began to exist as a mine then, doesn’t mean that it was established then. The site could be up to MILLIONS of years old. We can eyewitness a place that hides the history of our planet.

Warnings for visitors

Before going on a trip to the Wieliczka salt mine, you should prepare yourself for a certain inconvenience. Well, in order to go down, you have to climb 400 stairs. They are relatively narrow, so people going down can only go on the left side, and if one happens to go up, it is very difficult to retreat. So if one has a fear of heights or claustrophobia, it may be too demanding and check that one will eat fear instead of a pleasant trip.

However, for those for whom the stairs will not be an obstacle, there are many attractions waiting.

A trip to Wieliczka for the whole family

The Wieliczka salt mine will be an ideal choice if you are looking for an interesting place to spend time with children. Older people can spend a nice time at the graduation towers. This way they can not only relax, but also inhale healthy air. Such salty air makes our body feel as if it were at the sea. So while the children are having fun, the parents can sit back and relax, while acting good for their health.

What will the children do during this time? Wieliczka is a really good place for them. You may think that visiting the mine will be uninteresting for them, but nothing could be further from the truth. This place will make the little ones have a great time. First of all, educational tours are organized there, during which guides tell interesting stories about the place. Besides, children also visit Solilandia, a place that is full of attractions and remains in the memory for a long time. This is an ideal place for children because along with learning goes fun.

You can visit Wieliczka on your own, in which case you should check the brochures available on site, but also with a guide. Tours organized in this way often have a start in nearby Krakow.



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