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Koochiching County Jail Roster

Koochiching County Jail is a medium jail with a 22-bed capacity and located in International Falls, Minnesota. This facility serves primarily pre-preliminary inmates and offers reintegration programming to male condemned felons.

The Koochiching County Jail is staffed by 77 employees. They provide a variety of services to inmates, including counseling, financial and anger management, and education.

Inmate Roster

If you want to find an inmate at the Koochiching County Jail, the best way to do so is by using the online jail roster. This list showcases all inmates who are currently incarcerated at the facility and can be updated a few times a day, but keep in mind that it could be inaccurate.

The Koochiching County Jail is located in International Falls, Minnesota and is operated by the Koochiching County Sheriff’s Office. It is a small facility that houses both male and female inmates and does not have a large number of beds, allowing it to maintain a more personal environment than some larger jails.

While the jail is relatively small, it still handles a high volume of bookings and arrests each day. Most of these inmates stay in the jail for less than two years while they await trial or sentencing.

Despite the fact that this facility is smaller than many others, it has a relatively high standard of behavior for both inmates and staff members. Inmates are expected to follow a specific set of rules and must obey orders from jail staff.

Inmates at the Koochiching County Jail are allowed to visit their friends and family outside of the facility a few times each week, but it is a case-by-case basis and they must be referred by a corrections officer for approval. Inmates are also allowed to mail letters to their friends and family, but they must follow the proper letter writing rules and regulations or the correspondence will be returned to sender.

Some inmates are even allowed to have a private phone call with their loved ones, and the ability to chat online can be helpful for this as well. However, it is important to remember that all of these services are monitored and recorded, so they should be used with care.

As jails across the United States begin to partner with third-party companies, they are going to offer a variety of inmate services online. Some of these services include video calls, digital mail and money deposits, inmate messages and visits, and more. These services can be accessed from your computer or mobile device and can be used for both personal and business purposes.


Bookings are the records kept by the police for all of the people that have been arrested. They contain a lot of information including the person’s name, date of birth, and address. They may also include fingerprints, images, and physical details. These are important for criminals because they can help identify them when they’re incarcerated.

County jails around the country are starting to make their inmate databases available for public access. It’s a slow process, but it will soon be possible for the general public to sift through and find out everything they need to know about a specific inmate.

Inmates in Koochiching County Jail are usually incarcerated for misdemeanors or felony charges. The facility is a minimum-security regional correctional facility that houses inmates from all over the county. The facility is managed by the Koochiching County Sherriff and has a staff of 122 employees.

During their incarceration, inmates can receive treatment for substance abuse, mental health issues, and other serious medical problems. They can also receive counseling from volunteer chaplains. Additionally, they can participate in GED classes and financial management lessons.

One of the most important things to do when visiting an inmate is to register and schedule a visit. This will ensure that the inmate knows who is coming to meet them. You can do this through RELIANCE, a website that lets you search for inmates and see their status. Once you’ve registered, you can select which inmate you want to visit and choose a time that works best for them.

You can also pay for a visit online, and you can even book a video visit at $0.20 per minute. This will save you money and ensure that your visit is successful.

If you’re planning on going to the Koochiching County Jail for a visit, you will need an ID. In addition to this, you will need to adhere to appearance standards. You should avoid wearing revealing apparel, such as short skirts and tank tops, as these will not be allowed in the jail.

As technology continues to advance, many counties are partnering with high tech companies to provide services to their jails. These services include phone systems, mail and visitation systems, commissary, and inmate money deposit systems. They can all be accessed from a computer or mobile device at home.


Koochiching County jail is a medium to maximum security facility that houses adult inmates under the supervision of the Koochiching County Sheriff’s Office. It is located at 715 4th Street, International Falls, Minnesota, 56649 and is managed by a staff of 122 personnel. The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art locking system and closed circuit cameras that cover every area of the jail. It also has a communication system that ensures all guards and civilian staff are constantly in contact with each other.

The jail mostly serves inmates who have been sentenced to serve less than a year of their sentence, as well as those convicted of misdemeanors and other minor crimes. It also houses illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime and are now serving their sentence.

It is a medium to maximum jail that can hold 850 inmates at any given time and has an average daily population of 1,071 inmates. It is also a therapeutic jail that offers inmates the opportunity to learn skills, such as GED classes and computer lessons. Inmates can also enroll in financial management lessons and substance abuse programs.

They can also take part in a work-release program, where they are released from the jail during their days off and are paid a wage to help with their expenses. The prison can also offer cell phones that cost around $15 each, and inmates can make outbound calls for that price.

Inmates may have access to the internet, but they must be registered for an account before using it. They can get a temporary password by calling the jail or by going to the website. After getting an account, they can use it to check their inmate status.

Some inmates can receive two social letters per week at the expense of the jail, and other inmates can get unlimited professional mail. Inmates can also request that their incoming mail be left in a secure place and that their outgoing mail go directly to a Corrections Officer on duty.

Koochiching County jail also provides inmates with a wide range of services, including legal aid and a medical center. Inmates are also allowed to get a GED certificate, which can help them in future employment and career development. They can also participate in a substance abuse program, which is designed to help them deal with their addictions.


The Koochiching County jail is a medium-security facility that holds inmates who have been sentenced to less than one year in jail or inmates who are awaiting trial. It is run by the Koochiching County Sheriff’s Office and is located in International Falls, Minnesota.

Inmates in Koochiching County Jail are incarcerated for different crimes, ranging from low level misdemeanors to those convicted of more serious offenses. Most inmates here are serving sentences of two years or less and have committed a non-violent crime.

Those who are convicted of a felony or of another serious crime may be required to post bail. A cash bond or surety bond is arranged by a third party, typically a licensed bail bondsman. The person posting the bail must produce a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.

If the defendant does not have a valid ID, they can obtain one from the courthouse or from a local, state-licensed bail bond company. In most cases, the defendant’s property can be used as collateral.

Once the property is secured, the defendant can be released on bail if they appear in court. The cash bail amount is determined by the judge and depends on the severity of the crime charged.

Most people will need to hire a bail bond agent in order to post a cash or surety bond for an inmate at the Koochiching County Jail. This service can be expensive, so it is a good idea to consider alternatives.

Some people can also try to post a bond for an inmate through their family members. However, this method can be difficult if the family member is not familiar with the inmate’s case or if they do not have access to cash.

You can contact the Koochiching County Jail to find out if there is a way to pay a cash or surety bond for a loved one. Depending on the type of charge, you might be able to find out how much money it would take to post the bond and how long it would take for the inmate to appear in court.



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