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The traits that characterize the JONEAA are humility and originality. While their natural talents are suited for leadership positions, they may also be attracted to positions of authority. These people may not be able to stand limits, and therefore should develop humility and avoid being too proud of their accomplishments. However, they can achieve much in life. If you have these characteristics, you may be suited for leadership roles, and will be successful if you apply your natural talents to your chosen career field.

Xie Qundi

JONEAA JEANSDe Jing Shen is a Chinese scholar and writer who helped to create the first kabbalah. His earliest works were called Xie Qundi. In Chinese, his name is Jian She Ji Zong Jian, or Pin Pai Chuang Shi Ren. Both of his works have been interpreted as a kabbalah.

He is a native of Humen and Qingyuan and grew up in Qingyuan. He joined the clothing industry in 1993 and founded his brand, JONEAA, in Dongguan. The first JONEAA pants were introduced in 1998 and the logo was soon followed by those from Rome and Japan. The company has also sold its products to other countries, such as Africa and Western Europe.

A national patent certificate was awarded to Xie Qundi’s trousers button. In 2011, she became one of the top ten fashion designers in Guangdong Province. She combines different elements and cultures to create a visually stimulating environment. She is also a prominent designer of denim. Her jeans have become a hot favorite among Chinese fashionistas. While she may have been a relative unknown, she has become a successful designer in the world of denim.

Fondi Structurai is an Italian textile group that aspires to become one of the world’s leading companies in the industry. They aim to grow their indotto and create a research center. The company hopes to become a global leader in this sector, and this goal will help create a vibrant economy. In short, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Xie Qundi’s vision

Globalization and digitalization have changed the way we view the world, and the JONEAA brand is no exception. Founded by Xie Qundi in 2004, Joneaa has expanded into a wide range of clothing products. It has penetrated markets in over 20 countries and has established direct sales outlets and franchise chain stores. The brand has established a reputation for “fashion forwardness” through its design style.

Xie Qundi’s talents

Xie Qundi was born in the southern city of Qingyuan, but she moved to Humen when she was twelve. At forty, she is considered one of the top ten fashion designers in Guangdong. She owns a clothing brand called JO NAA, which is sold in 20 stores around the world, but has not yet been sold in her home country. Her design studio is located in Humen, a city with a centuries-old clothing trade circle.


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