With JoinPD, you can upload presentations, share them with your students, and monitor their growth. The website lets you give students an access code, which means you can regulate their activities. It also prevents students from editing their answers. This feature is particularly helpful for teachers who want to monitor student progress.

Pear Deck is an educational technology platform

Pear Deck allows educators to easily create activities for students to do as part of their lesson. It is especially helpful for activities before, during, and after a lesson. This platform lets teachers create and edit activity templates and includes explanations of editing marks. The platform is also great for creating synchronous teaching sessions, where the teacher can connect with the class in real time. Students can respond by typing text or clicking a thumbs up or down button.

Pear Deck works with Google Chrome. If you have a Google Chrome browser, you can install the Pear Deck Power-Up extension. This add-on allows you to present Pear Deck in high resolution. It also supports GIFs and animations. As long as you have a good internet connection, the Pear Deck presentation will be smooth.

Pear Deck is a great tool for creating presentations and lessons that will engage students. The platform is Google-integrated and allows you to create your presentations right from your Google account. It also integrates with Google Drive and OneDrive, so you can access your presentations with the app. You can also embed questions into presentations, and see how students respond in real time. Pear Deck also lets you use your presentations and lessons in asynchronous, remote or student-paced mode.

Signing up for a Pear Deck account

To set up a Pear Deck account, first you will need permission from your school. You will need to provide the Pear Deck website with your school postcode and email address. This will enable you to join PD sessions when needed. You can also download lesson extensions and online classes.

Once you have an account, you can begin using Pear Deck. Signing up is free. You can get the Pear Deck app through Google’s Add-on store. In Google Chrome, click the “Add-Ins” button. Once installed, click on the Home tab, then click the More Options (3-dots) button.

Pear Deck is a presentation software that promotes active learning and social attitude among students. It’s a great option for teachers who are already using Google Drive or PowerPoint Online. It can help you with homework and foster a sense of community in the classroom. However, it is important to note that signing up for an account can take some time.

Creating a Pear Deck code

Using Join PD, you can create presentations and engage students in a conversation. When a student clicks on your Join Code, they will be transported to the student dashboard, where they can view the presentation slides and interact with other elements. The student can join the session using a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. After signing in with their user name and avatar, they can then view the presentation.

Creating a Pear Deck code is a simple process. First, you need to create an account at JoinPD. You will receive a code that consists of five digits. You will be required to enter this code whenever you want to access the website. You can also share your code with other students.

Once you have a Pear Deck account, you can begin integrating Pear Deck into your presentation. After creating your presentation, you can share it with other students or even other teachers. It is easy to make changes, and students can ask questions anonymously. This makes Pear Deck ideal for remote learning, flipped learning, and differentiated teaching.

If you want to share a Pear Deck with other users, you can also share your Pear Deck content with them using Google Drive. PearDeck also integrates with Google Slides and PowerPoint Online. To make your presentations even more interactive, use the Pear Deck platform to upload your presentations and student responses. You can even export student responses to Google Spreadsheets.

A Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool that enables teachers to share slide shows with their students. Pear Deck allows you to control what students can see and do, with a self-service tool for managing student activity. You can even create a Pear Deck supplement for PowerPoint or Google Slides.

If you want to integrate Pear Deck with Google Slides, you can do so by downloading the Google Slides Pear Deck Add-on. It is free to download and use, and you’ll receive a 30-day trial of Pear Deck.

Signing up for a Pear Deck lesson

Pear Deck is free to use, but you can subscribe to a premium subscription to add draggable responses, audio on Slides, and more. Premium plans also support remote work and asynchronous mode. The platform also lets you set timers to prevent students from wasting time while waiting for your response.

Pear Deck is designed to be used in classrooms. It lets you create slides and presentations that students can interact with. When students join a lesson, they will receive an access code and joining instructions. The code will appear at the top of the screen, and Pear Deck will track each student’s device. Once students start engaging with the lesson, they will be able to add comments and feedback to the main presentation.

Using Pear Deck is easy. You can access teacher resources and premade lessons, and there are also many videos available on YouTube that show you how to use the app. You can also attend webinars and custom professional development sessions, or get help through the Knowledge Base. All of these resources will help you create engaging lessons that will engage students.

Pear Deck is also compatible with video calls. This allows you to create presentations that are accessible for students with visual or hearing impairments. During video calls, students can follow along with the presentation. They can also make notes using the interactive features of Pear Deck. The app also offers an audio recording option.

Pear Deck is designed to make it easy for teachers to produce interactive lessons and presentations. You can choose from a wide variety of templates and easily add gifs, video, and audio. Pear Deck works seamlessly with Google and Microsoft programs, and you can switch between whole-class and independent learning activities.



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