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Is Lauren Witzke Anti-Gay?

Lauren Witzke has an interesting history. She was a member of the QAnon conspiracy theory and ran on a platform calling for a moratorium on immigration for 10 years. She beat out a state GOP-endorsed rival by fourteen points. What makes her so interesting? Well, she’s anti-gay and has made racist remarks. So what does this have to do with immigration? And does she support Trump?

Defends QAnon conspiracy theory

Democratic candidate Lauren Witzke is defending her QAnon conspiracy theory after a video surfaced in which she said she had been harassed by her opponent’s supporters. Witzke, who is running against Democratic incumbent Chris Coons, has expressed support for QAnon in the past. The QAnon conspiracy theory is based on the belief that President Donald Trump is secretly fighting his enemies in the “deep state” and that the satanic pedophiles and cannibals are running a child trafficking ring.

Witzke’s campaign, which is attempting to promote the Trump administration, has also organized a rally in support of “Save The Children,” a 9/11 conspiracy documentary that focuses on the claims that the United States government was behind the attack. Witzke has also been involved in online interactions with white nationalists and has defended QAnon conspiracy theories. Witzke has also spoken out against pro-choice advocates and has condemned abortion.

Despite its controversial nature, the QAnon conspiracy theory has no foundation and is a fringe concept with little to no credibility. While it may be an utterly non-existent conspiracy theory, QAnon’s beliefs have led to real-world violence. Last year, the FBI warned that the group posed a domestic terrorist threat. In response to this warning, QAnon has launched several campaigns for the US Congress.

While Witzke’s campaign has not responded to my requests for comment, VDare founder Peter Brimelow donated the maximum amount of money to Witzke’s campaign. His VDare site pushes anti-Semitism and white nationalism. In addition, Witzke has twice thanked anti-Semitic commentator Faith Goldy. We’ve all heard of her QAnon affiliation but are not sure why she would have gone so far to promote the conspiracy theory.

Supports Trump kingship

Donald Trump has been urging a hereditary monarchy in the United States to make it more representative of all Americans. Many say a hereditary monarchy will strengthen America’s political system. After all, it would be a better fit for America than an elected prime minister who can be removed by parliament. A nonpartisan head of state would also be better able to manage transitions between government administrations, especially those in the event of a change in president.

Is anti-gay

Is Lauren Witzke anti-gay? It depends on whom you ask. The former ambassador to Germany argued that a conservative Christian should not be allowed to support gay marriage. She later denied denying the same. Nevertheless, Witzke continues to stir up controversy with her anti-gay views. It is possible that she is not anti-gay, and she may actually be pro-gay.

A far-right political activist, conspiracy theorist, QAnon supporter, and former TV host, Witzke is a major threat to the LGBTQ community. She has made headlines for her support of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and her stance against marriage equality. She has also faced criticism from prominent Democrats like Rep. Eric Swalwell and Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison. Despite her anti-gay views, she has gained support from Delaware Republicans.

Despite her stance against gay marriage, Witzke is a loyal MAGA supporter and aligned with the White Nationalist America First Movement. She once claimed that COVID-19 vaccinations are a precursor to the end of the world. In addition to promoting anti-gay and anti-immigration sentiments, Witzke also flirted with extreme right-wing political figures, sharing racist attacks on Ilhan Ocasio-Cortez and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In the meantime, the Delaware Republican Party leader seems to love Vladimir Putin. She described Putin as a “Christian nationalist nation.” However, the Russian president is an atheist and has stated that he wishes to declassify Christianity as a religion. It is hard to argue with that. The ROCOR community in Delaware is being embarrassed by this anti-gay candidate. If this goes on for too long, the state of Delaware will be ashamed of itself.

Witzke has also organized a rally for “Save The Children,” a group that has no affiliation with a legitimate anti-trafficking organization. But the protester was against “Satanic Ritual Abuse,” and Witzke did not mention this in her speech. She also promoted a fringe anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, Dylan Wheeler. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ROCOR candidate.

Has made anti-Semitic remarks

A Republican candidate in Delaware has been slammed for making anti-Semitic remarks and has ties to white supremacist groups. The Delaware Democratic Party called for her resignation, but did not call for her assassination. While she did not specify her reasons, Witzke was hired by the Iowa GOP as a field organizer for its 2020 presidential campaign. Sisco was later fired from the Schilling campaign, where she was romantically involved. It’s unclear whether she was fired from Iowa GOP or fired from her current job, but Witzke’s employment with the party was terminated after the antisemitic links between her and Sisco were made public.

Witzke has repeatedly allied herself with hate groups, white supremacists, and racists. Her former campaign manager has praised the concept of royal rule in the U.S. and invited a white nationalist named Nick Fuentes to speak to her constituents. Witzke’s comments on the Groypers Movement were so offensive that the media banned them from their websites.

Witzke has called herself a “flat earther” and endorsed the 9/11 conspiracy theory, “Loose Change.” She has also publicly interacted with white nationalists on the Internet, and even claimed that the earth is flat. She’s also fond of conspiracy theories, including the one about the Rothschild family being Jewish and the American civil war being staged by the government.

Witzke’s posts on social media sparked outrage, including from a Republican State Senator. Her comments have been condemned by the Democratic Party and Republican Party, which are both attempting to silence Witzke. Several other Democratic lawmakers also made public rebukes and called for her to drop her campaign. However, she has yet to respond formally to the controversy. Brady said she will discuss a formal response with Witzke on Sunday, despite the negative feedback she’s been receiving.

Witzke’s comments about Jews are particularly disturbing, because she has repeatedly promoted white nationalism. Her former campaign manager, Nick Fuentes, is also an anti-Semite who promotes white nationalism. Further, Witzke’s campaign manager also endorsed anti-Semitic views, including that Jews killed millions of people in World War II. A few of these comments are disturbing, but they are not necessarily anti-Semitic.



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