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Importing Presentations Into JoinPD

A teacher can import presentations into JoinPD. Once the teacher has imported the presentation, she provides an access code to the delegate. The delegate then provides the access code to the attendees. In this way, the instructor can supervise the pupil activity while monitoring growth. Moreover, the platform prevents the students from editing their answers.


You can share presentations with anyone using JoinPD.cpm and also save all the data online. All this is possible through a web browser. This is a convenient way of sharing data online. Moreover, the user interface of JoinPD makes it easy to interact with teachers. The program has numerous benefits and it can benefit all types of educational institutes.

JoinPD is an effective tool for teachers to monitor their students’ progress. The system is highly customizable and gives teachers the option to limit which activities students are allowed to do. They can also keep track of which student answers are incorrect and which ones are not. This way, they can make modifications accordingly and monitor the growth of students.

Another great feature of JoinPD is that it enables teachers to share presentations online. Students can also participate in the interactive sessions. The system also allows teachers to manage student accounts and control who can edit their submissions. Teachers can also lock students’ accounts to prevent them from editing the content submitted by other students. In addition, teachers can monitor the progress of all students and their presentations.

To begin using JoinPD, presenters should create an account by logging in using their Office 365 account. Once they have created their account, they should sign in to JoinPD with their Office 365 account and then enter their unique password. This password should have at least five letters and should be unique to their accounts.


PearDeck CPM is a web-based educational programme. It was founded in Iowa City, United States, and won the Silicon Prairie Award for New Startup of the Year in 2014. The platform allows instructors to create interactive lesson plans for their students and provide formative assessments online. PearDeck CPM can be used by educators and instructors of all kinds.

To join a PearDeck CPM session, students must first login to the platform. To do so, they must visit the PearDeck website and enter the Join Code. They will then be logged into a student dashboard where they can view the presentation’s slides and other elements. In some cases, they may need to have a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account in order to log in to the platform. After logging in, they can find the Join Code in the Presentation Details tab or the Share tab.

Once you’ve joined PearDeck, you can easily add students to your course. Pear Deck has a feature that lets students join anonymously. This feature is useful for students who do not wish to have their names attached to responses. Students can also sign in anonymously by using their Google or Microsoft Office 365 account.

Pear Deck is a web-based platform used by educators to create interactive lessons. It is an ideal platform for classroom use and offers anonymous participation. PearDeck allows educators to invite students to participate and share questions.

PearDeck add-on

PearDeck is a web-based student help portal. It can be accessed from the official JoinPD website. It can be used in various learning stages, including personal learning and social learning. It helps students develop a positive mindset about learning, as well as build a sense of community. It also offers several features, such as lockdown functionality and a built-in chat function.

PearDeck works in conjunction with Google Drive and allows teachers to access data in a shared folder. Students can access this folder and view presentations in real-time. Teachers can even control access and participation by assigning an access code for their students. However, teachers should note that they need to have access to Google Drive or another web-based storage service to use PearDeck.

To use PearDeck with Google Drive or OneDrive, you must first grant permission to Pear Deck. Pear Deck will need an email address and a password. It will also require a school name and postal code. In some instances, a five-digit school number can be used instead of the school address.

PearDeck is an online presentation tool that is available for Mac users. Users must have a Google or Microsoft account in order to sign in. Using PearDeck will allow teachers to make interactive presentations and gather useful teaching data. PearDeck requires some time to learn, so you should be patient in getting the hang of it.

PearDeck teachers dashboard

With the PearDeck CPM teachers dashboard, you can share feedback with your students individually and securely. PearDeck works with Google Drive, allowing you to create interactive presentations that students can interact with. The teachers dashboard allows you to leave individual feedback on each student’s response and highlight their work.

To access the PearDeck teachers dashboard, sign into your Google Drive account. After signing in, you will be prompted to enter your school’s code, which can be found by searching for it. This code is five digits long and will expire after four days.

Pear Deck supports both Google Slides and PowerPoint Online. Teachers can easily create interactive presentations, view the performance of their students, and collect data about their learning. Once you’re signed in, click the green Start Lesson button to start using PearDeck in the classroom. This will open the Projector View, Join Instructions, and Teacher Dashboard.

PearDeck is free to use for 30 days, but you can purchase additional features if you wish. The dashboard is very user-friendly and allows you to customize the dashboard as per your needs. You can also share the visuals and responses of students anonymously. Moreover, the teachers dashboard also gives them the option to share their work with colleagues in other classrooms.

Pear Deck also gives teachers the ability to create activities for almost any subject. They can use it for activities before, during, and after a lesson.

Signing up for a PearDeck course

Joining a PearDeck course is a great way to improve your learning experience. Pear Deck is designed by educators for teachers, and it allows you to make interactive lessons. This means that students can participate and give feedback in a way that suits them best. You can even ask questions using the comment box.

PearDeck is free to use, and it allows you to create interactive presentations for your students. It also allows you to reward students for participating in class activities. It works with your Google Drive account, so you don’t have to worry about downloading a separate app. Once you’re signed in, you can access PearDeck, and create a course.

You’ll need an email address or Google account to join a PearDeck course. You’ll also need a password and an account with Pear Deck. If you want extra features, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. Premium plans add draggable responses, audio in Slides, and remote work capability. They also support student paced mode and timers.

Pear Deck works with Google Drive, so you can easily upload presentations that you create. This is a great way to get feedback from students and encourage active learning. Once you’ve uploaded your presentation, you can make it interactive for your students. Pear Deck will also give you an opportunity to share your presentation with other students.

Creating a PearDeck account

In order to begin a presentation, you need to create a PearDeck account on joinPD.cpm. Sign in with your Google or Microsoft account. Next, select the JoinPD tab and enter your unique Join Code. This code is used to synchronize your screen with the instructor’s. You can copy this code or paste it into the address bar.

Using Google or Microsoft email is recommended, as this email is widely used. You can also use Google or OneDrive to connect Pear Deck. To do so, you must sign in using your email address and password. In some cases, you may need to grant permission to the PearDeck service. When you grant permission, you may be required to enter your zip code, your school name, or a combination of these. Your zip code does not need to be in the United States. It can be any five numbers.

Creating a PearDeck account can take just minutes. The platform allows teachers to create presentations on the web. After that, they can invite students to join the presentation by entering the JoinPD code. This allows the teachers to keep an eye on the progress of their students.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can begin using Pear Deck on Google Slides. Make sure you authorize PearDeck to access your Google account. You may need to expand your browser window to see the “Add-ins” button. Once you’re ready to use PearDeck, open Google Slides and select PearDeck from the menu.



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