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How to Watch KELO-TV and Other Local Stations in Kansas City

If you’ve been wondering how to watch KELO-TV, you’re not alone. There are a number of other TV stations in Kansas City that are also called KELO-TV, KPLO-TV, and KELOLAND TELEVISION. While these stations are also popular in Kansas City, you may be wondering how they got their name. This article will explain a few of the most common variations of this popular broadcast.

Kelo-tv may be related to KELO-TV

KELO-TV is a television station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, owned by the Nexstar Media Group. The station is affiliated with CBS and MyNetworkTV. The name KELO is an abbreviation for “Kelow Falls, South Dakota.”

KELO-TV first started broadcasting in stereo on November 25, 1986. Eventually, it switched primary affiliation to CBS in 1960. It has remained affiliated with the CBS network ever since. Midcontinent Media sold KELO-TV to Young Broadcasting in 1995. KELO-TV is one of the top CBS affiliates in the country, and in 2003, it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Despite this tragic incident, the station returned to air the same day. The company moved its transmitters to a backup tower near Shindler. The station was back on the air within a week. The FCC has granted the station permission to switch transmitters. This move may be a way for KELO-TV to recover from the recent blackout. But what is the truth?

Besides the name, KELO-TV may be related to KELO-TV. However, Kelo-tv’s salary information is not complete. The hours and pay ranges vary by department, job description, and educational level. And even if Kelo-tv is related to KELO-TV, its salary can be difficult to determine without further details.


KELO-TV is a television station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Associated with CBS and MyNetworkTV, it is owned by Nexstar Media Group. Its studios are located on Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls. KELO-TV airs various types of local news and sports programming, including news, weather, and local weather reports. In addition to broadcasting local news, KELO-TV also airs various talk shows, as well as live sporting events and live entertainment.

KPLO-TV is owned by the KELOLAND Media Group and broadcasts on digital channel 6 on VHF. It is an affiliate of CBS and carries three subchannels. KPLO is licensed by the FCC to carry the channel. Its broadcast signal is transmitted through a tower near Florence. It is a non-profit station that can produce local news and other programming. KPLO-TV’s transmitter is located near Florence.

In November 1986, KELO-TV first aired stereo programming. In 1995, the station was sold to Young Broadcasting, who had already purchased the station from Midcontinent Media. The sale was approved on May 31, 1996. In May 2003, the station celebrated its 50th anniversary. KPLO-TV was rated the best station in South Dakota. There are dozens of other stations on the market that carry local news and entertainment programming.

Another popular television station in Sioux Falls is KPLO-TV. It is a CBS/MyNetworkTV-licensed station. Its studios are located on Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls, and its transmitter is located in Rowena, South Dakota. At this point, KPLO-TV can be heard in most areas of the country. You can watch its newscasts on channel 29 in Pierre.

KELO-TV has an on-camera meteorologist. Chief meteorologist Dr. Jay Trobec has the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBCM) designation. The station began using SkyCam systems in 1992. This was to provide live coverage during weather conditions. The system was later rebranded as the KELOLAND Live Doppler HD. It’s now a leader in weather forecasting in the area.


KELO-TV is a television station located in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is affiliated with MyNetworkTV and CBS, and is owned by Nexstar Media Group. The station’s studios are located on Phillips Avenue. This is the city’s downtown area, and viewers can tune in to watch local programs as well as national news and weather. KELO-TV is owned by Nexstar Media Group, and currently has approximately 200 employees.

KELO-TV is affiliated with CBS and is located on channel 11 in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The station’s programming includes daytime and evening news, sports, and primetime and late-night programming. You can watch KELO on channel 11 with an antenna, or through a live streaming service. It is also available on the Internet. This makes it easier to access KELO TV on your computer or mobile device.

The station began broadcasting stereo programming in November 1986. In 1995, Midcontinent Media sold the station to Young Broadcasting. The transaction was approved on May 31, 1996. On May 19, 2003, KELO-TV celebrated its 50th anniversary. Its programming continues to be popular today, and the station’s dominance is one of the reasons why. Its success has helped the station earn the support of local business and government leaders.

Zippia’s annual list of the Best Places to Work in South Dakota includes Kelo-tv. The list uses employee self-reported data and proprietary datasets from other companies. Other sources include BLS and company filings, and estimates of diversity. A detailed look at the company’s culture can be found by visiting Zippia. It’s also important to note that the list is based on government and proprietary data, so the data may be inaccurate.


KELOLAND TELEVISION, which broadcasts live sports and news programs, began airing television in 1955. The station was the first in the state to broadcast live television. It used eight film cameras and used digital video effects to bring viewers a variety of programs. Today, the station produces network-quality telecasts. It uses satellite technology to transmit programming around the globe. Today, it broadcasts sports and news from more than ten different countries, including the U.S.

While the station has been broadcasting on KELOLAND Television for over a decade, it’s still relatively young. Its predecessor, the Hollywood Theater, has been broadcasting since 1897. After it grew in popularity, the station moved to new offices at 13th and Phillips. The new office space was open for business on May 22 and was private. Although it’s been a few decades, the new building remains the headquarters of KELOLAND. Renovations continue inside of the building to make the station a leader in television technology.

One of the most striking features of KELO is its distinctive logo. The station’s logo is a stylized version of the word ‘Kelo’, in cursive, over a line. The “Land” underneath is a line. The name is one of the few television stations with lowercase call letters. Its tower is 605 meters tall. In 1978, the station received a disaster involving a plane. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the station was able to put its programming on air within two days.

KELOLAND TV uses top trends in broadcast technology and APIs for programming. The station has been using The CBS Enforcer music collection for its newscasts since 1997. It also employs the latest in television technology, including closed captions. In addition to providing the community with news and weather information, KELOLAND TV is a leader in incorporating new technologies. Although it does not offer MyUTV on DT2, it uses satellite technology to deliver the newscasts.



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