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How to Use OK SMS on Android

OK SMS is an excellent messaging application for Android and iOS devices. It has many features, including free phone number, pop-up message window, and faster composition. Download it for free from the official Android app stores, or find alternative download sites. Keep in mind that some apps are not available in official Android app stores, so you will have to search for them yourself. Listed below are some tips to use OK SMS on Android. We hope you enjoy using it!


OkSMS is a free Business application for Android. The application was created by Ordinus and was released on 2017-07-10. It has a rating of 1,0 and is not ranked in the top Business apps. Unlike other applications, however, this application will allow you to read customer reviews by SMS. This application will keep you informed about the flow of customer complaints. You will be able to find out which customers are happy and which are unhappy, and can then make changes accordingly.

The site uses public numbers to send and receive SMS, which means that your messages will be delivered to your homepage instantly. The site also includes private numbers, including a private inbox. These numbers are also free of charge. The service is reliable, and works with messages. OkaySMS is free and is great for people in the UK, Germany, and France. To sign up, you will need to create a free account and confirm it with your email address.


OKsms for Android is a Business app that lets you read customer reviews via SMS. It was created by Pawel Cala and was previously available on the Android system. However, you can now play OKsms on your PC with a free program called GameLoop. All you have to do is go to the GameLoop library and look for the OKsms application. Then, simply download the application to your PC and play it.

OK SMS for Android has been updated by Jass Apps, the developer of the app. This apk has been verified by over 50 reputable antivirus programs and has been approved by the apk developer. It is available for free download from alternative websites. Although the official Android app stores are a great place to find free applications, you might be able to find some apps that are not listed on there.

Free Phone Number

If you are tired of having to pay for SMS texting services, then you should try OKSMS. You can get a free phone number from this service and send unlimited texts and calls to anyone. This service is free to use and it also offers you a temporary phone number you can use for a variety of purposes, including dating, online selling, and more. It also offers you free international mobile numbers, which you can use to connect with people you want to meet.

Another great site for free SMS messages is Receive free SMS. This site has a large database of public numbers from all over the world. These public numbers are all tested for security and quality. When you register with the site, you will get a list of public phone numbers from countries around the world. It is best to check all numbers before you register. Moreover, you can also get a private inbox to receive messages directly.

You can also use a local phone number in 50+ countries. This number can be used to verify your accounts on popular social networking websites, receive SMS messages online, and verify your PayPal and VK accounts. It is public and can be used for a variety of other uses, including SMS verification. You can also use an OkSMS phone number to register for free at many websites. This service is free to use and has been trusted by many people for years.

Once you’ve signed up for an OkSMS account, you can choose to receive texts or receive SMS messages from any number. To avoid unwanted spam messages, you can create an email account with a free temporary phone number. These email accounts will reduce the volume of junk mail in your inbox. If you find an account that does not work, try removing the app, reinstall it, and try again. This time, the message will come through.

Compose faster with pop-up window

OK SMS is a smart SMS management app with a sleek, fast design and package of intriguing themes. You can sideload apps on your Android device if you have a version of Android 4.0 or higher. First, you must enable Unknown sources. This setting allows you to install apps from outside of the Google Play store. You can enable a warning before installing an unknown application if you prefer.

Reply to sms faster with notification panel

If you’re a busy person on the go, you can now respond to sms messages much quicker using OK SMS notification panel. This app from Jass Apps makes replying to sms faster than ever. The app’s notification panel has a pop-up window to make replying even faster. You can also choose between typing a response or marking a message as read.



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