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How to Style Boys’ Hair

Boys’ haircuts come in a wide range of styles. These can be based on the shape of the boy’s face, hair textures, and personality. There is a great variety of boys’ haircuts available, so you are sure to find one your son will love. For more information, read our article on boys haircuts to learn what styles are right for your son.

Cuts for boys

When cutting the hair of your boy, try cutting it in layers and using a long comb to taper the sides. You can also try using hair clippers. These will make the process easy and quick. You should use quality scissors or shears for this cut. You can even purchase a comb that is specifically made for boys and follow the instructions carefully. There are also several videos and tutorials online that you can watch to help you get the perfect cut.

Boys with long faces can opt for haircuts that feature bangs. This style looks cool and requires less effort, but bangs can end up right on the eyes if not cut properly. For best results, ask for a blend between the fringe and the hair. You can also opt for a spikey or textured crew cut.

For short hair, you can also try the mullet style, which blends a long hairstyle with a short cut. The sides are cut short, with the top hair left longer. This cool boys’ hairstyle can also be easily maintained with a moisturizing and conditioning routine. Another cool hairstyle is the faux hawk, which has a long top and short sides. This is a fun style to try, and kids love it because it looks like they have a celebrity role model wearing it.

Cuts for boys should be kept simple, but creative. The length can be as short or as long as you desire. You can use clippers to cut the hair, but remember that you should use a cloak, towel, or a hair cutting cloak to protect the cut from getting ruined. During the cut, you should run the clippers upwards, starting from the bottom, and extending towards the top as you go. You can use clippers to create a neat hairline at the crown and side.

Styles for boys

The first step in styling boys’ hair is to consider their age. There are many different hair styles for boys to consider. If your son is a bit older, you may want to give him a haircut a little longer than what his age will allow. Short hair is generally easier to style than longer hair, so keep that in mind when choosing a new style.

For a more edgy look, you can consider a taper fade haircut. This looks great with both short and long hair, and it blends both the sides and back into one sleek style. This cut is great for active kids as it adds volume and movement. You can also try a textured cut if you’d like to add more texture and movement to the top.

Another fun option for boys’ hair is a long, layered look. This style is a great option for boys with semi-free dress codes and offers great styling versatility. Whether your son is going to a summer camp or going to school, these styles are a great way to go.

For the more adventurous little boy, a short cut with longer bangs may be a good choice. These styles will allow you to add a lot of personality to the boy’s hair. Another style that will add a lot of flair is a high fade. These hairstyles are best suited for summer holidays and are sure to attract a lot of attention. If you want a more dramatic look, you can use hair styling products to enhance your child’s hair texture.

Another classic style is the crew cut. This style has a textured look with a fringe that falls to the forehead. This style will never go out of style. It will show off the inner man in your child. You can choose this look to fit any style and color of hair.

Face shapes

When choosing a boys’ haircut, be sure to take the face shape of the boy into consideration. Men can be either round, oval, or square, and each type of face shape lends itself to a specific type of haircut. Oval faces lend themselves well to a conservative quiff, but they can also accommodate a longer, rocker-esque cut or even a shaved head.

Boys with a square face are generally tall and have a broad forehead. Their faces may have angular angles and a long, thin chin. When selecting a cut for a square face, you want to soften the angles. This will make the face look more balanced.

Boys with an oval face may look odd with a high-ball, which adds pointiness to the top of the head. They may also have a large forehead, which can give them a feeling of insecurity. A diamond face, on the other hand, has a long face and a narrow jawline. The hairstyle you choose should focus on creating equal proportions, and not be too short or too long on either side.

A triangle-shaped face has a prominent jaw and narrow forehead. A triangle-shaped cut with volume and fullness in the top will help balance this shape. A quiff or side-part style can help offset a triangle-shaped face. If you want to add more volume to the forehead, consider adding a thick quiff or a pomp.

A boy with a round face is best suited for a mid-neck length or longer hairstyle. Avoid styles that are too close to the chin because they will accentuate the roundness. A beard is another great way to add length to a round face.

Trends for boys’ haircuts

Boys’ haircut trends vary depending on the boy’s personality and hair texture. Whether a boy is going for a classic cut or a cool new style, there are many options available. The high top is a popular haircut for boys today, thanks to its shape, texture, and fade. This look is great for both boys and grown-up men, and it’s also easy to maintain and style.

Long hairstyles are also popular with boys these days, thanks to the natural texture of the locks. A long wavy style framed by a side part is a great choice for boys with a carefree aesthetic. It keeps the hair from blocking the eyes, and it adds volume.

Another trendy look for boys is an undercut with a hard part. This cut is short on the sides but long at the top. It looks great on boys and can be worn with various styles. The hard part adds definition to the hair and makes the style more noticeable. It’s best to follow your stylist’s instructions when it comes to achieving this look.

Messy boys haircuts are also quite appealing. These styles don’t require long styling and look great on all hair types. The style can be made more attractive by using a water-soluble pomade and a comb. It’s also easy to maintain and has an urban style feel.

Depending on age and hair texture, boys’ haircuts can be very stylish and modern. They can match a boy’s face shape and be easy to maintain. Some boys prefer a casual and low maintenance style while others prefer something more daring and edgy. A few popular looks include a short crop, a long line up, a Caesar cut, textured fringes, and high faded pompadour.



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