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How to Organize an NAACP Chapter in Santa Clarita

You have the desire to start an NAACP chapter in Santa Clarita. Then, you should read the following article to learn how to organize a chapter in your community. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Organizing a chapter of the NAACP in Santa Clarita

A new NAACP branch was recently established in Santa Clarita. The newly-elected officers were announced on Tuesday. Karen Dorris will be the first president and Rlynn Smith Thomas will be the second vice president. Kelly Franti and Allysa Williams will serve as assistant secretaries. Cheryl Corriveau will serve as treasurer. Elections were held May 29.

The Los Angeles Branch of the NAACP was founded in the home of Drs. John and Vada Somerville, two graduates from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and active community members. Today, the Los Angeles Branch continues to support policies and programs of the NAACP. Its mission is to empower the community and educate those in need of equal opportunity. Founded in 1913, the Los Angeles Branch of the NAACP continues to fight for racial equality through voter mobilization, social justice, and education.

Appointing new officers

The NAACP Santa Clarita has named three new officers to its board of directors. One of them is Rick L. Callender, who has served on the Resolutions Committee for nearly 20 years. He also serves as the president of the California/Hawaiian NAACP State Conference. In addition, Callender is the Chief Executive Officer of Valley Water, a public utility in Santa Clarita. He oversees the district’s integrated water resources system, environmental stewardship of waterways, and flood protection.

The newly-elected officers will continue to carry out the mission of the organization. In addition to being president, Dorris will serve as first vice president and second vice president. The secretary and assistant secretary positions will be held by Kelly Franti, Allysa Williams, and Cheryl Corriveau. The election for the officers took place on May 29. The officers are expected to meet regularly to discuss issues and activities that affect the black community in the area.

Dawn Ortiz-Legg and Stacy Korsgaden are two candidates running for the NAACP Santa Clarita Board of Directors. Both have strong backgrounds in social justice and have a history of fighting injustice. Dawn Ortiz-Legg is the only Republican running, but she supports a housing first policy. She has the backing of Rep. Karen Bass and is a long-time NAACP member. Midsanon “Soni” Lloyd is a self-proclaimed anti-imperialist who supports a tax on billionaires. He wants to use the revenue to fund reparations for African Americans and public housing.

The branch of the NAACP in Santa Clarita grew from a small group of activists to a thriving organization that was founded in 1938. They were fed up with housing discrimination, inferior jobs, and police brutality. They organized the branch and recruited three friends. They also started organizing political tickets. This year, more than seven hundred members voted in the election, and this new leadership took control of the branch for decades to come.

Recruiting executive committee members

If you are interested in becoming involved with the local chapter of the NAACP, there are several ways to get involved. If you are interested in becoming an executive committee member of the organization, you can sign up as a volunteer here. During the application process, you will be required to answer questions submitted by community members and sponsors. Once you are on the board, you will be expected to serve on the executive committee and do your part to further the mission of the NAACP Santa Clarita.

Meeting with college of the canyons women’s conference

The NAACP Santa Clarita branch hosted a meeting with the College of the Canyons’ Women’s Conference, featuring more than 100 inspiring women. These leaders include Niamani Knight, founder of STREAM Global Innovations, Valerie Bradford, president of the NAACP Santa Clarita Valley Branch, Patsy Ayala, senior field representative to Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares, and Deanna Austin, chief commercial officer for Princess Cruises. The women of this conference heard about the importance of investing in women and providing them with opportunities to make a difference in their communities.



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