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How to Get to Moonglade in Classic WOW

There are three ways to get to Moonglade in Classic WOW. But be careful when you choose one, since you may end up wasting your time. First, you have to find Rut’theran Village, Darkshore, and Thunder Bluff. These are the most popular ways to get Moonglade. However, they do require careful searching. And it is not advisable to go through all three at once.


The mysterious Darkshore is a long, rocky beach in northwestern Kalimdor. Felwood and its taint, which turns land grey and kills wildlife, have spread into this region through rivers. The ruins are not abandoned, however. Naga and murlocs are known to take them for their own use. In addition, a few dwarven ruins are spotted along the coast.

There are several ways to access the Darkshore. First, you can use your Elixir of Water Walking to reach the Ruins of Mathystra. After obtaining the elixir, you can then travel to Teldrassil. The Ruins of Mathystra are located in northwest Darkshore. To get to Teldrassil, you must ride across a water obstacle known as the Teldrassil Fatigue Zone. The distance between the two locations is about 450 feet, and you have 60 seconds to complete it.

For Horde players, you’ll want to strip your gear before traveling to Darkshore. You’ll want to avoid Sentinel Guards while on the journey. You can also avoid hefty repairs by stripping your gear before traveling. Alliance players should do the same. This way, they’ll be able to save their items and travel without the heavy gear. You’ll also need to kill yourself to get to Moonglade, but you’ll be glad you did.

After you’ve killed the Warlord Wrathspine in the cavern at the end of the tunnel, you’ll reach a spot where 4 naga are guarding the Horn of the Ancients. Once you’re in this area, you can start your bombing run. The final step is to kill a few Darkscale Myrmidons in order to get the achievement, The Tides Turn Against Us.

The quickest way to get to Darkshore is to travel to the northern part of Kalimdor, which wraps around the north side. You can also teleport yourself to this island by paying the mages to burn the rune of Portals. This will cost you about twenty to thirty silvers. For other players, however, you can simply take a boat in Aubrrdine and head southward to Loch Modan.

Rut’theran Village

The Rut’theran Village is the first destination of the Night Elf quest line in the Moonglade Classic expansion. The village is located at the base of World Tree Teldrassil. It has three docks and a portal to Darnassus. The village is also home to a hippogryph roost and Midsummer Fire Festival braziers. The village is also connected to Auberdine through the Stormwind Harbor.

To get to Rut’theran Village, you first need to level up enough in Felwood to travel there. After leveling up to a decent level, head north of the Felwood. Once you reach this point, you should complete reputation quests and kill Deadwood Furbolgs in order to gain access to the tunnel that leads to the Moonglade. This is a short trip from Nighthaven.

Thunder Bluff

World of Warcraft Classic brings you back to vanilla World of Warcraft, but there’s a new questline, and a brand-new map: Thunder Bluff! It’s located in the North Carolina wilderness. But how do you get there? This World of Warcraft guide will help you find the right way! If you’re stuck, just follow the directions below! You’ll soon discover that getting to Thunder Bluff is not as difficult as you might think.

The first step is to find the Nighthaven zeppelin tower. This tower can be found between the Ruins of Lordaeron and Brill. Forsaken players usually find the zeppelin tower before Undercity. You’ll also find a nearby zeppelin. This way, you’ll be able to instantly port to Orgrimmar.

To cure ten Sickly Gazelle, use Curative Animal Salve. You’ll need 5 Earthroot and 5 Kodo Horns. Alternatively, you can take a Torwa Pathfinder and fill his/her sampler with poison water. If you’re level 10, this will require you to buy an additional treasury item from an innkeeper at the south-east end of the city.

Once you have the treasury item in the treasury, you can go through the portal in the Thunder Bluff to get to the portal. The portal to Thunder Bluff is only available during the Lunar Festival. Once you’re there, be sure to collect the Rune Cloth for the tauren quests in the area. Then, you’ll be rewarded with the reward!

You can visit the Cenarion Circle by completing the quest line, but if you’re leveling a Druid, you can also go on the geysers to get Cenarion Circle rep and a damage rate buff for doing so. The best part about these quests is that they’re accessible for every level and class! Remember, if you’re not a Druid, you still need to be at a higher level to pass through the Furbolg hold.

Timbermaw Hold

Getting to Moonglade is an easy process, but it requires enough level in both factions. The easiest way to get there is from Darkshore, which can be reached by traveling north-east. Once there, kill the druid spirit that is located in the northern Felwood. It will then move to the Spirit Healer, and the player can proceed to Moonglade.

To reach the area, first enter the Felwood or Winterspring zone. Go down a large, dirt-filled tunnel. The entrance will be blocked by Timbermaw Shaman Furlborg, but you can sneak in through the tunnel and enter the building. Then, go through the portals in the other two zones, which will lead you to the Hold. The entrances to Timbermaw Hold are inaccessible.

Once you’ve gained reputation from the Felwood faction, head to the Felwood region to start the Timbermaw Hold reputation quest. Timbermaw Furbolg are hostile to non-players, and it’s possible to earn reputation by killing them. This can be accomplished early on, even as low-level. The quests begin at level 48, and the first introductory quests can be done there.

If you don’t want to take the Druid class, you can try out the Darkshore area and the Moonglade graveyard. Both zones have unique features and make you more knowledgeable about Classic WOW. There are several ways to get to Moonglade and Timbermaw Hold. The first option is through Nighthaven, which is only accessible to Druids, while the second option is through Darkshore.

If you want to be able to get to Winterspring without having to fight Furbolgs, you can use the Felwood tunnel. Then, head out of the Felwood tunnel to Winterspring, where you can find the Spirit Healer. Once you get to the Winterspring, make sure you are at least level 48 so that you can safely pass through the timbermaw hold.

If you are using the Druid class, you must make sure you have stripped all your gear before proceeding through Darkshore. The Sentinel Guards can be extremely dangerous, so be sure to remove all your armor before traveling. This is a great way to avoid heavy repair bills and to avoid encountering Sentinel Guards. It’s also a good way to avoid attracting the dungeons and guards.



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