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Hisuian Samurott in Go Battle League

Currently, the Hisuian Samurott has not yet been tiered in NU Scarlet and Violet. While it was a big star in NU Sun and Moon, it may end up a forgotten star in NU Scarlet and Violet. However, clever players may make this form work in future games. Liquidation is a better move than Aqua Jet. In addition, Hisui form’s Attack stat has been reduced.

Ceaseless Edge

Hisuian Samurott gains an offensive upgrade and a new signature move with Dark-typing: Ceaseless Edge. Ceaseless Edge deals 65 base power and can be boosted to 100 with STAB. Ceaseless Edge replaces the normal Samurott’s Knock Off, which knocks opponents’ held items off. This move is a powerful move that will be very difficult to defend against, and has a high critical chance. It also deals a lot of damage to your opponent’s health, so it may be an excellent choice as a sweeper.

Hisuian Samurott’s coverage moves are limited but effective. Poison Jab is the best one, as it beats fairies, but it’s not needed and Psycho Cut doesn’t do much damage. But the combination of Poison Jab and Ceaseless Edge is a dangerous one. In battle, Torrent is the best option for most players, while Shell Armor is not essential to beat a normal Samurott.

Hisuian Samurott’s attack power is also boosted. This move will give it a 50% same-type attack bonus. It also grants immunity to Dark/Psychic attacks. It is useful against Bug-type Pokemon, which can use U-Turn or Play Rough to outspeed an opponent. If you have a Samurott in your party, you should check its ability stats before using it.

Razor Shell

The Razor Shell move is a relatively inexpensive Charged Move. It deals 35 damage but only costs 35 energy. Its potential makes it an interesting option in Go Battle League. The Razor Shell is a good shield bait in the Go Battle League, but it has one significant weakness. Its cost makes it a poor choice for an offensive Pokemon. This move is better suited for defensive roles. The Razor Shell is also weak to Grass-types, so it is best avoided.

A Hisuian Samurott is a type of Pokemon that evolved from the dewott. It evolves from this type of Pokemon starting at level 36. This variant has a saber-like appearance with turbulent blows. Its special ability is to stand on its hind legs in battle and use one of its blades as a sword. It also has long white whiskers and a red nose and eyes. It has a large, beige helmet-like shell, which has a protrusion that resembles a spear. Its limbs are covered in beige-sectioned bracer-like coverings with swords, called seamitars.

The Hisuian Samurott is a popular Pokémon in Japan, but is also found in other regions. The Japanese version is based on the iaido method of fighting. Samurott has a fin-like tail with the innermost section beige. His fur is wavier than those of Dewott. If the opponent has a razor-sharp blade, the samurott will attack with it, causing the user to be hit several times before being knocked unconscious.

Swords Dance

The Hisuian Samurott is a unique martial art that uses a Japanese-style dagger known as a seamitar. The blades are long and resemble the curved shape of a sea otter. Its name derives from the kanji’samuro’, which means wave in Japanese. The dancers also use swords known as daikenki (Jian ken, blade), which look like flame-bladed swords. The swords used in this dance are usually used by samurai.

The sword-wielding Samurott is a rare type of the Pokemon. It evolved in the Hisui region, where it can slash opponents with one of its blades. The swords dance is an effective way to kill an opponent, because the Samurott can land a critical hit if the target is vulnerable. However, the Samurott’s main drawback is its lack of speed, and it must be considered a beginner to master the dance.

Regardless of the set, Samurott’s attack stats are middling and he struggles to switch between attacks. While his base Special Attack is 108, it’s low enough that it won’t help him deal much damage without a crit. While this is an acceptable tradeoff, Samurott’s attack stats aren’t incredibly high, but if used properly, his Swords Dance can chip away at his opponent’s team while dealing the maximum amount of damage.

Razor Shell’s effect on Attack stat

The effect of Razor Shell on Attack of Hisuian Samurott is not very clear. It would help the hisuian in the Battle League, but it would not be useful for other types. The main reason for this is that Samurott’s Attack stat is already quite high, and he would need this item to become more powerful. The addition of Razor Shell would give him a powerful bait move, but it would not significantly improve his performance.

While Samurott is a viable Water-type, it is also behind most Water starters. It is not necessary to learn Razor Shell, as a Hydro Cannon has a higher energy output. In addition, it doesn’t need X Scissor to do damage. Lastly, the Samurott does not have a very good damage output with X Scissor and Psycho Cut.

Hisuian Samurott is the last evolution of the Oshawott. It evolves from the dewott at level 36. Its body is black and red, but its shell has sharp edges. Its tail is longer than its other forms, and it has red claws. Its attack stat has the highest effect of any samurott, and it’s extremely effective against attackers.


A water-type Pokemon’s main strength is its base Special Attack, so you might as well give it a boost with a special attack. The Hisuian Samurott is a mid-tier competitive Pokemon. Its dark armor has red accents and a jagged horn on its head. It also has wavier facial fur. Unlike most other Pokemon, it is immune to all three types of damage, and thus has a high attack %.

The Hisuian Samurott’s basic moveset includes Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Ceaseless Edge, Poison Jab, and Psycho Cut. As a Water-type Pokemon, its abilities make it a great choice for the post-game as it has a great deal of versatility. Water-type Pokemon can be used as a primary attacker against Pokémon with different types, but can also be a threat against Fire and Ghost-type Pokemon.

In Pokemon Legends, Hisuian Samurott gains offensive upgrades with Dark-typing. It has a new signature move, Ceaseless Edge. Ceaseless Edge has a 65-power base attack, but when combined with a strong STAB move, it can deal over 200 damage. The move replaces Knock Off, which normal Samurott learned, but it can be more effective than ever.


While the Hisuian Samurott’s attack stats lean heavily towards physical attacks, it can learn non-native moves. This move is arguably one of its best qualities. However, it’s important to note that the Samurott’s HP is still high enough for it to take hits before returning favor. However, the move’s downsides can outweigh the benefits of this new moveset.

Although the Hisuian Samurott can outperform many other Pokemon, he doesn’t fare particularly well against Water/Dark-types in the current metagame. Samurott’s weakness to Fighting moves, for instance, can leave it very vulnerable to returning hits. Samurott also lacks the ability to outrun most other Pokemon. As such, he can’t survive most of them.

However, the Samurott has several strengths. It can stand on its hind legs and use one of its blades as a sword. It can also draw its two front-leg seamitars. A single swing of the two can easily knock out a foe. In addition, it can silence its opponents with a howl or glare. Those with the skill to survive the Samurott can easily dominate their opponents.

Location in the Hisui region

The Pokemon TCG game is coming out with a new Japanese set named the Battle Region in May 2022. The set is named after the Hisui region, where many dangerous Pokemon live. The set will feature new card types such as Shinies and Sparkling Pokemon and will likely form the basis for the next English-language set. Other highlights from the new set include the return of VSTAR and Character Cards.

The Hisuian Samurott is an extremely powerful Pokemon that acts quietly, unless it needs to use its large seamitars to attack. It can also use a powerful glare to frighten its opponents, and it can fight on two legs or all fours. It can also leap and attack, which makes it a great choice for climbing trees or scaling mountains. However, a Samurott’s attack power is only partially explained by its glare.

After a Pokémon reaches level 36, it can evolve into the regional form called the Samurott. It evolves from Dewott, which will be the final form of the Oshawott in the Hisui region. Once you get a Samurott, you can begin thinking about your long-term move list. The attack power of Samurott is balanced, so it’s a great choice as a starter.



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