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Hisuian Samurott Guide

Hisuian Samurott is a fairly straightforward character. It has limited coverage moves, but is effective against fairies. His most useful move is Poison Jab, which is very useful for beating fairies. X Scissor is not necessary, and Psycho Cut does not do much damage. Here are some other things to keep in mind when playing this character. Hopefully these tips will help you better understand the Hisuian Samurott character.


The Hisuian Samurott is a dual-type Water and Dark Pokemon, which evolved from Oshawott in the games Pokemon Black and White and Legends Arceus. The new version of this Pokemon has a different set of skills and abilities than its predecessors. Here, we’ll look at some of its best traits. These Pokémon also have different strengths and weaknesses from their previous versions, so make sure you read up on them thoroughly.

The Hisuian Samurott is a surprisingly aggressive fighter. He’s a bit hard-hearted but has excellent blade skills. This makes him very difficult to fight fairies, and his special attack, Dark Pulse, is not a bad replacement for Ceaseless Edge. Unlike most other Dark-type heroes, the Samurott has a base Special Attack of 100, which helps him deal massive damage even when it’s weak.

Samurott’s base HP is higher than most starter evolutions. This makes him a good choice for anyone looking to improve his game’s damage output. He also has good Attack and Special Attack stats. Compared to Decidueye and Typhlosian, Samuian Samurott can perform better than the latter. Having this unique move set means you’ll have an edge in battle, as he can use it more often.

While Samurott is not a good counter against Arceus, it is one of the best starter evolutions in Pokemon Legends. His physical attacks and type advantages make it a great choice for fighting Legendary Pokemon. While its physical defense isn’t as high as the Unovian Samurott, its resistance to Psychic moves makes it a good choice against those creatures. With a little help, this Pokemon is a formidable opponent.

Hisuian Samurott has two main attacks: Hydro Pump and Grass Knot. Hydro Pump is an excellent STAB move, while Grass Knot is its main coverage move. Ice Beam is another great move, and provides additional coverage while delivering consistent damage. It can also outspeed some Pokemon, including Vaporeon. Its main attack, Megahorn, is also effective.


Hisuian Samurott is a Dragon-type pseudo-legendary. This Pokémon has 600 base stats, a three-stage evolutionary line, and 1.25 million experience at level 100. Its weakness to Ice and Water is its main drawback, but it is still an effective Grass-type counter. It can also hold its own against Poison-types. It evolves from the Goomy at Level 40 and is found in the Holm of Trials and Ancient Quarry areas of the Coronet Highlands.

Hisuian Samurott is one of the weakest starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends. Its base stat total is lower than those of Hisuian Decidueye and Typhlosion, but it is still a decent attacker. It can also evolve from a Dewott at Level 36. However, while it is a good attacker, its speed and defense stats are not up to par. In my opinion, Cyndaquil is the better option.

Hisuian Samurott is a powerful Pokemon that can use its front legs to draw opponent’s seamitars, letting it deal super-effective special damage with a single swing. Its attacks can hit a foe in the legs and cause them to scream in pain. It can also use a howl or glare to silence its foes.

Samurott gains half resistance to Dark and Psychic-type moves. It also gets immunity to Pokeballs. The only weakness is its shell armor, which prevents it from critical hits. The hidden Protean ability is similar to Cinderace’s Libero. Pokemon with Protean have the same effect as Samurott. It changes type when attacked with Protean, and it gains 50 percent of the same-type attack bonus. But despite its weaknesses, Samurott has proven its worth as a mid-tier competitive Pokemon in the past.

Among all Hisuian Pokemon, Hisuian Goodra is the strongest. Its dual resistance to Fighting and Ground gives it a high defense. Hisuian Goodra’s secondary typing makes it highly effective against Dragon, Ice, and Rock. Hisuian Goodra can learn Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Water Pulse.

Best nature

The Hisuian Samurott is a regional variant of the Oshawott, which debuted in Pokemon Black and White and Legends Arceus. Samurott is a water/dark type, with above-average offensive stats but modest defenses and a slow speed. It gained a Dark type in Legends Arceus, but otherwise bears more resemblance to a Greninja than an Oshawott.

To find out the best nature for Hisuian Samurott, check out its stats. Attack and Special Defense are the best stats for the Water-type Pokemon, and they’re also the strongest overall. You can boost Attack and Special Defense with the right nature, too. Loney, Naughty, Brave, and Modest are some of the best Natures for the Hisuian Samurott.

While selecting the best nature for your Pokemon, you should consider its late-stage evolution. The Attack stat of your Rowlet will be the most important part of the battle, so you’ll want to select a nature that will increase these stats. Then, when the game is over, your Rowlet will evolve into Hisuian Decidueye, which has a high Attack stat of 112 and a low Physical and Special Defense stat of 95.

A good Samurott can be paired with a variety of powerful Pokemon, but it can’t beat a whole tier by itself. Grass-type Pokemon, such as Alomomola and Frillish, can be effective partners. Electric-type Pokemon, like Charizard, can break Samurott’s wall, but they’re weaker than the former.

The best type to use as a starter for Hisuian Samurott is Typhlosion, as it’s got decent speed and a decent special attack stat. This Pokemon has a wide range of useful moves, including Eruption, which can ruin your opponent’s day. It also makes a great starter to wear a Choice Scarf to increase its speed and power.

Alakazam is a frail Pokemon with amazing speed. It can deliver devastating blows before your opponent even realizes that they are there. Unfortunately, it’s vulnerable to Strong Style moves, so you should be careful with this character. If you’re looking for an offensive Pokemon, consider using Alakazam instead of the other two. It’s also one of the best sweepers in the Hisuian.


The Hisuian Samurott is a dual-type Pokémon that evolves from the Dewott at level 36. It is the final form of the Oshawott species in the Hisui region. Samurott moves are based on moves in its previous generations. However, in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon, you can teach it new moves. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of teaching Samurott its moves, including what moves you can teach it.

The Samurott moves vary from game to game, but there are some general strategies for using it. Unlike other Pokemon, Samurott is an excellent choice to use when battling. Hydro Pump is an excellent STAB move. Grass Knot is a great coverage move, allowing Samurott to hit Water-resistant Pokemon. While Ice Beam is Samurott’s main attack, Heliolisk can help it out with Taunt, which can prevent status hazards and allow it to beat Vaporeon one-on-one.

While the Hisuian Samurott isn’t an ideal mid-tier competitive Pokemon, it has many useful moves. His signature move, Ceaseless Edge, is a good choice for most players. It has high damage output, high crit ratio, and a decent base power. This attack can be used against both fairies and attackers. It also beats fairies. It’s important to keep in mind the type of enemies you’re facing and the type of Pokemon you’ll be using when choosing moves.

The Hisuian Samurott has unique physical and emotional characteristics. It has a wavy front and a jagged horn on its head. It has long red claws and can stand on its hind legs for battle. Its attack power makes it a dangerous opponent to be faced with in combat. This attack is highly effective against samurott and other types of Pokémon.

Despite being a great attack, it is not as reliable or effective as its counterparts. It lacks the accuracy and damage of the Fire Blast but has a similar base power. Raging Fury also has the ability to fixate the opponent on the move it uses. While fixation can be advantageous in certain situations, it can also be detrimental when dealing with a move with a favorable secondary effect.



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