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Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist – How to Find the Unknown Key to the Extortionist Tarkov

In Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist, you must find a key to unlock a door that Skier has stolen. You must then return the cargo to him. To find this key, follow the instructions in this guide. In the guide, we’ll show you where to look for it and how to use it. We’ll also cover how to find hidden cargo in the game. So, get started!

Unknown Key

The Unknown Key to the extortist Tarkov is the only item required for the main story of Escape from the RUAF Roadblock extract. It spawns on a dead scav located under the largest bush. Once you have the Unknown Key, you can complete the main quest and make a large profit. The Unknown Key is used to open various locks and unlock special items in the game.

The Unknown Key to the extortist Tarkov is found on a body covered in bushes in the Shipping Yard and the Crane Area. You can also get this key from Scav bags and the Flea Market. This item also contains the Hidden Valuable Cargo and the Secure Folder 0048. This item looks like a metallic compartment. This item will be used to unlock the doors of the Extortionist Tarkov’s cabin and escape.

After reaching level 7, the Unknown Key is needed for the Extortionist quest in Escape from Tarkov. You can find it at the flea market, but if you don’t have it, you can always buy it from a merchant. The Unknown Key will open a cabin near the warehouse 4. Once inside, you can locate the required document hidden under the jacket in the locked cabin.

Players have found the Unknown Key to the extortist Tarkov in the Customs area of the map. The purpose of this item is unclear, but players have found out that it opens a cabin on the customs chart. Using it, you can collect documents that the extortionist requires. If you’re not level 7, you can use it to unlock a hut in the Customs map.

The Unknown Key to the extortist Tarkov spawns in a white cabin near the UN Checkpoint. It can also be found on a dead scav behind the Welcome truck. It’s best to avoid using the Unknown Key in the Customs construction area. The Unknown Key to the extortionist Tarkov can also spawn in a 3-Storey building and a glass warehouse in Customs. The Unknown Key is also found on a scav in a pocket.

The Customs area is a major industrial area in the Tarkov Cities. The area contains various infrastructure facilities, including a freight train terminal, factories, dorm buildings, offices, and storage spaces. There are many open areas, but they also contain construction sites. You’ll find unfinished structures in these locations. To complete all the quests, you’ll need to travel at least 100 meters.

Unknown Key drop from Scav bags

There are two different ways to obtain the Unknown Key. First, you can use it to unlock the door of an orange tanker near a construction site. Alternatively, you can use it to open the safe inside a container located on the second floor of the construction site. In either case, you need to first open the door, then use the key to unlock it. The key is a rare item, and you can only get it once.

A blue-marked key card can be found on the body of the Scav boss Sanitar, after defeating him in the Shoreline area. After obtaining this key, you can open the second level of Labs. However, you must be careful as it can be easily stolen. In that case, you should use a guide to help you beat him. If you find this key, you’ll be able to open the door to his stash.

The RB-PSP1 key can only be obtained from Jackets or Scavs, and can unlock a warehouse in the southwest section of the map. The RB-RS key is found in the same way, but is a rarer drop, and spawns only in Jackets and Scavs. It is also possible to find it in Shturman’s stash, which is located in the Shipping yard on the southwest. Lastly, you can find the RB-VO key in the Northwest section of the map. A blue locker next to boxes will spawn this key on your character, so you may want to check it out.

Room 105 is another key, which opens a two-story dorm. You can find it in an open train car southwest of the smokestacks. Another key, Room 303, can be found in a scav’s jacket. A third key is found in a scav’s trunk. The key is rare, but not too difficult to find. And a fourth key can be found by searching a dead scav in the basement of a building.

Room 222: The Unknown Key drops from room 220 in the east wing of the villa. It unlocks room 313 and the adjoining room. It contains a weapon spawn, loose money, and a couple of weapon mods. You can also find a key to room 316 by searching the lower shelf of a yellow bus in Oli. If you don’t find it, head to the back of the building and search for it.

In addition to the Unknown Key, players can also obtain other valuable items from the scav’s bag. The items are sold as shop fodder, and you can sell them to other players. These items can be extremely useful for looting, but they are also effective at close range and point-blank range. If you have the funds, the most effective weapon is a Mosin, which is relatively cheap from Prapor. It is very effective in all ranges, making it easier to use weapons in the early game.

Return cargo to extortionist tarkov

To complete the quest “Return cargo to extortionist Tarkov”, you must find and loot an Unknown key located in the bushes to the east of the river. This will give you the key you need to unlock a modest cabin. Upon doing so, you should see a body on the ground. This body should contain an Unknown key. It will also contain a few papers, such as a passport, that you can give to Skier.

Obtaining a key and the extortionist tarkov’s position can be difficult, but if you can find the shipment, the reward is worth the trouble. You’ll receive a Molot VPO-209.336 TKM carbine, three AK 7.62×39 30-round magazines, and two0.336 TKM AP-M rounds, along with 3200 EXP and 0.04 Skier rep, and 500 Dollars to spend with the Peacekeeper. You’ll also get hints for the location of the hidden cargo, so you’ll need to find it and retrieve it.

You can complete The Extortionist’s quest by leveling up to level 7. You’ll need to find hidden cargo and the key to unlock the door. You’ll need a Customs Guide to complete this mission, and you must be level 7 or higher to begin. This quest may take two or three attempts, so be sure to consult the Customs Guide for details. The difficulty level of The Extortionist Tarkov may depend on generation.

The key is required to open the cabin, and you’ll need to obtain a document case and a secret document to complete the quest. The documents you recover will be safely stored in the messenger’s cabin. The key will unlock the cabin and give you access to the secret goods in the case. The safe case will be in the messenger’s cabin, so you need to unlock it and get it back to Skier.



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