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Do Online Casinos Track Your IP Address?

Online casinos are becoming extremely popular, but as they pick up steam, many people are nervous about what this means for their private information.  What did you agree to when you signed up for the site: and can they see what you’re doing across the entire thing?

This is everything you want to know about IP address tracking in online casinos and how to protect your information.

What’s Your IP Address?

IP addresses are the unique address that connects your device to the internet.  If a device connects to the internet, it has an IP address that will allow it to spend time online.  This address is not only vital to get online: it also shares some scarce information about you with the rest of the internet.  Usually, an IP address will tell people the general area you’re in and if you’ve been to sites before, including what your history is like spending on how long they’ve been tracking you.

If you don’t want an online casino to know who you are or that you keep checking in as often as you do: your IP address could leave you in trouble.

Why They Track Your IP Addresses

Online Casinos check your IP address to ensure that nobody is getting into any illegal activity, and they track them across the entire site.  This protects them in the long run and makes it easier for prosecution if they need to go to court.  Your IP address could also be used to decide not to offer deals to you when you visit the site, depending on how often you’ve visited.  Having a new IP address when you’re shopping or spending money can often allow you to get discounts that aren’t available to regular site visitors.

How to Protect Your IP Address

If you want to protect your identity and stop anyone from having access to your device’s IP address: it isn’t hard to do.  Nobody wants their information to get out on the internet.  Instead, take the time to protect yourself by using a VPN!  A VPN ensures that no matter what type of IP address lookup they do on your account, they won’t be able to find your information.  It also can allow you to appear in a different place, so if you want to stop at the site and see how it reacts to someone from Europe visiting, you can!

Other Problems With Going Unprotected

There are plenty of other issues that can come from leaving your IP address unprotected!  Sites can use this to block you entirely from the site if they don’t like you, or they could use it to track your behavior across sites to try and advertise to you as thoroughly as possible.

People who don’t like you can use it to find your general area and try to scare you.  It’s important that you protect yourself.

Your IP Address Should be as Safe as Possible

Whether you’re nervous about the online casino blocking you because of how much you’re winning, or you’re simply trying to be more secure online, your IP address plays a large role.  Consider protecting your information soon!



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