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Deciding on the Music Genre for Your Event


There’s nothing like a good music act to ensure an event goes wild and is incredibly fun.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to decide on what type of music you want to play, especially if your party is inviting a huge number of different people.

If you’re struggling to pick the music genre for your event, it’s okay!  These are the top things to consider.

Theme and Purpose

What’s the theme or purpose of your event?  If it’s a graduation party, you’ll want to cater to the sounds and tastes of the younger demographics, while if it’s a 50-year anniversary party, you might want to go with music from the year the couple got married.  It can be a lot to consider, but picking carefully will ensure everyone enjoys the event! 

Availability of Genres

If you want a live performance at your event, take the time to look around at the options available to you in your area.  Every area is different, but it’s going to be harder to find some styles of music in an area than it would be to find others.  

This makes it of paramount importance that you plan your event as early as possible so that you’ll have as many options as possible.  Instead of shorting yourself on options, starting early means you might still have the chance to book the one big swing band in your small city before anyone else does!

Guest Interest

Whether your guests are into Christian rappers or they’re into outlaw country music, you can have fun with it: but make sure it’s something they like.  If this is a birthday party, you should, of course, default to whatever the birthday person wants; otherwise, have fun with it and make a nice mix based on the combined interests of your guests.  

If you notice there are far too many different types of music, and making a playlist out of them would be a nightmare, it’s okay to be a little pickier.  Instead, try to pick two or three that stand out as the most popular in this group.

Size of Venue 

How large is your venue?  A bigger venue can handle a bigger or louder group, while a smaller venue may be better for solo artists or quartets.  If your venue is outdoors, there’s a little more room for flexibility and creativity, but consider looking into renting a speaker system for the day. 

Length of Your Event

How long is your event going to last?  A shorter event is no trouble since you can find any act that will work for any short period of time: but if your event is going to be more than two hours long, it’s time to start considering more than one act.  Multiple performers give you the opportunity to have as many different genres as you want and have fun watching the difference between them play out across your guests’ faces!

Everyone Can Love Something Different

Whether you’re hosting a bar mitzvah or you’re giving your coworker the retirement party of her dreams: it’s vital that you put a little thought into the musical entertainment.  After all, any party could become an incredible party if the music is carefully planned out. 



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