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Crux Ninfamaniac Dark Review

The Ninfamaniac cigar is a Cuban-style cigar that is covered in a Colorado-colored Habano Jalapa wrapper. This wrapper is seamless and vein-free, and the cigar has a full, tapered burn line. The wrapper also features a nutty, dark chocolate flavor. The blend of tobaccos in this cigar is a perfect balance of smoothness and strength.

Crux Ninfamaniac Dark is a 7 x 33 double perfecto

The Ninfamaniac Dark is a dark, chocolate-brown cigar with a slightly darker wrapper. This cigar is a 7 x 33 double perfecto, and it comes in either a six-pack or a 30 count box. Both packages are great for the value-conscious consumer, and they are available in different sizes. For those who like a little more of a challenge, you can even buy the Ninfamaniac Dark in singles, if you wish.

While this cigar may be a limited release, Crux has a number of other offerings. The Ninfamaniac Dark is available in the U.S. and is also available in a Ninfamaniac Collection. The Ninfamaniac Collection was created specifically for the Houston store Stogies World Class Cigars, and included two versions of the brand’s popular Passport blend. The Ninfamaniac Dark is also available in the same box, but is exclusive to this retailer.

The Ninfamaniac Dark begins with chocolate and cedar notes, but quickly transitions to a smoother, fuller-bodied smoke. The aromas of dark fruit and cedar become more predominant over the course of the cigar. The classic wood notes fade from the palate at the end of the first third, and cedar takes over in the second. It finishes with a smooth, creamy nub.

The Ninfamaniac Dark is a cigar with a unique design. It’s a true ninfa, and features a beautiful, oily Habano Jalapa wrapper. The cap is tapered and the cigar’s body has a thin, oily sheen. The taste is complex, with notes of cherry and dark chocolate.

It has a Jalapa wrapper

The Crux Ninfamaniac uses a Nicaraguan Habano and Jalapa wrapper for the dark version of the cigar. The Ninfamaniac Dark is a 7 x 33 double perfecto. This cigar is packaged in a 30-count box with six 5-packs. Individual cigars are also available. It is produced in Esteli, Nicaragua. Crux is now bringing the Ninfamaniac to the United States.

The Ninfamaniac is a unique cigar, containing a rare ninfa leaf with pointed ends at the foot and head. The cigar’s shape makes it feel like a pencil in the hand. Its wrapper leaf has many veins and oily sheen. This cigar has a smooth roll and very little room for error. The wrapper leaf is a beautiful, rich brown color.

The Ninfamaniac Dark has a dark chocolate brown wrapper, with darker mottling. Like the Ninfamaniac, the dark version is sun-grown and has a Jalapa wrapper. The cigar is packaged in individually-wrapped five-packs. Despite the dark wrapper, the cigar still tastes sweet and creamy. If you want to enjoy a dark cigar without the sweetness, the Ninfamaniac Dark is for you.

The Jalapa Valley is one of the main tobacco-growing regions in Nicaragua. This tobacco is famous for its subtle taste and is often used for Nicaraguan wrapper. Its soil is red clay like and highly prized. The Jalapa Valley is also home to many other tobacco-growing regions. Among the many notable brands that use Jalapa wrappers are Camus, AJD, and Ninfamaniac.

It has a dark chocolate and pepper note

The Crux Ninfamaniac Dark starts with a blend of coffee and dark chocolate, with a touch of cedar. The mocha component emerged more prominent, with pepper joining the two on the retrohale. The cigar holds on to a delicately spicy note, and the end was mild and cool. The Ninfamaniac’s flavor is complex and lingers long after the initial puff.

The bitterness of dark chocolate pairs well with spices like cayenne. While cayenne is commonly used to make chili powder, it also has a savory and fruity taste. It adds a bit of zing to the chocolate, and is popular for its versatility. You can make vegan black pepper chocolate truffles with it. The pepper and chocolate pair beautifully with each other and will leave your mouth watering for more.

It has a strong burn line

The Ninfamaniac is a very well-made cigar, with a great draw and a tight burn line. It has a slight increase in strength after a couple of years, and the flavor profile is centered around a combination of dark chocolate and tree bark. While the cigar lacks pepper on the palate, it does have pepper in the retrohale. The cigar is quite delicate, and frequent taps quickly become the norm.



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